Bulletin Board of Argoceania

Message 1: [Apr 19 19:35] To All (Yonaton)

To All,

I wish to express my gratitude to all the great peoples of this land, who go o
ut of their way to assist bumbling fools such as myself.

Aesheron, Brutus, Hekru and Daruj mainly, who risked life and limb amongst the
cyclopses to rescue my corpse. Aesheron, who has taken much time also, to point
me in the right directions for getting things and learning my way around some.
This doesn't me

I can only say, that I am glad to have found this home, and that I hope to be
able to be as good at helping others, as all of you are. Thank you all, and be s
afe and well.
Oops...I am not good at writing ... to finish a sentence above, I meant
to say that I am not bellitling anyone else I may not have named,
I just can't remember all of you who have done so much to help. You are *all*
a superb group of people,
and I am proud to know all of you and hope I can be like each and every one of y
ou later in my life...helpful and friendly and able to assist others.

Be well and safe and happy, yours sincerely,


Message 2: [Apr 14 12:42] Arrival of Val, Andralina, and Stalkyre (Val)

It is night, and the dark storm rolls in from the south
Lightning flashes across the sky, crackling as it lights the sky
The South Gate of Eltanin bursts open revealing three strange southerners
Val the Volatile, a Vori Elf leads the group through the gate slowly
Andraline Silverfire, a Drow, pulls her hood close about her as she follows
Stalkyre, a rather large Human, takes up the rear eyes darting to each shadow
They weave through the streets of Eltanin as if they owned them
Citizens of the city looking on, not sure if they should fear or loath them
They make their way to the center of the city, The Fountain.
Val pulls out a piece of parchment from his satchel, dowses it with sage
He holds it against the message board, and pierces a dagger through it, securing
It reads:
"The Wilderness Brethren have arrived in Eltanin......."

Message 3: [Apr 12 11:44] Notice of Sorts (Kerith)

The situation I am in is rather weird and probably seems funny to someone
who does not understand exactly what is going on. As it stands right now,
the decision has been made for I, Kerith, to resign from all duties and
responsibilities entrusted to me as an immortal of the realm. As conse-
quence, Clan Order will need to be dismantled. Coding projects were already
suspended, and will not continue. Building is on hold indefinitely, as
my ability will remain but I choose not to use it.

I have never agreed to the ideologies of gameplay that many administrators
have, which made my stay a great controversy, from start to end. My end
is not a result of that disagreement, but merely a motion to cease my
need to be involved in the administration of this land. I simply ask that
they realize most of our conflicts are indeed a matter of ideology, and the
conduct is positive or negative based on that perception.

I always felt Nilgiri is what the players make of it, and you can change
Nilgiri by changing the player environment, and sometimes the players
themselves. Many decisions of mine were not the best, but I have no regrets,
because my intentions were always good. This is what I reflect upon, the
good intentions of everyone here, whether or not conflict was a result.

Recently, I sacrificed my integrity to Nilgiri in order to prove my int-
egrity and loyalty to a long time friend. In terms of administration this
was a great error. However, in the situation I have found myself in, relieved
of responsibility, I acted subjectively on what I willed to be justice. I
know what I did was right to certain people, and I shall look at it as a
positive movement that people will remember the good in. Regardless, it
only clearly defines what must be done, and that is the termination of my
position here.

There shall be no war in my name. It is quite clear how I feel about some
issues currently taking place in the realm. At times when emotion was high
I willed a "statement" that is rather unnecessary. Some of you will see the
need to do something, but what must be done must be a matter of diplomacy
and voice... more than combat and blood. I guarantee it will reach a deeper
level with authorities, speak to them, they have assured me they will listen.

As a final act as the sponsor of Clan Order, I announce to the realm that
no member of Clan Order shall join Ascension, Stars, or Red. They are open
to other clans. Some are arranged to join Chaos and Masamune, I wish them
my best. The Clan Hall will become a public place near Catharsis, it will
be a museum of sorts, and will offer only aesthetic and nostalgic benefit.

I am sure I will be around here and there to keep up with all of you, as I
have appreciated the time spent. If it was not for the mortals, there would
be no Nilgiri, and no points to be deciphered from this message.

Take care, everyone,


Message 4: [Apr 11 22:07] sonya (Spartacus)

sonyia *wants to know if finwe wants to be sonyia's b/f* xxxooooxxxxooooxxx kiss
es and hugs*

Message 5: [Apr 10 11:42] [QUEST] The Great Rabid Rabbit Escapade (Mandessa)

Hopping madly throughout the realm is an army of chocolate bunny rabbits
who are on their way to hide their basket's contents in the realm in rabid
anticipation for the coming of the springtime festival. A long-held belief
by those suffering from culinary madness has been that these rabbits are
the best to be used in all sorts of culinary masterpieces. Only once per
year do these rabbit come out of their hiding spots and scamper all over
the realm to do their little deed, to announce the coming of springtime
and deliver baskets of eggs for all children.

If you're under level 10, I suggest that you group with other people, as
these rabbits aren't too friendly when someone is trying to steal their
basket of goods.

Should you accept the task to thwart them in their horribly happy mission
to bring joy and presents to little children, you must kill these ghastly
abominations, steal their baskets, and eat their eggs. The eggs won't last
beyond today, so you'd better find these things quick. Each egg will yield
one of many prizes. Most of the eggs are food, but some will contain tiny
trinkets like gold, potions, chocolate, etc. If you are lucky enough to
find one that contains a blue silk ribbon, the ribbon may be exchanged for
one the following:

- a rabbit-shaped pitcher (3x better than a wooden bucket)
- a snowglobe rabbit lamp (a light)
- rabbit fur-lined gloves (basic armor)
- a lucky rabbit's foot (a dose of randomality)

Any level player may participate, but only those who are below level 21 may
claim a prize should they be lucky enough to find one of the ribbons. No one
player may claim more than one prize. Quest ends when all the ribbons have
been found, or when the mud reboots/crashes.

Message 6: [Apr 07 13:57] My brother, Bragi (Krival)

There was My brother who was the god of poetry. His duty
was to preserve the many teales of the Aesir and The elfs in
a compositions and poems. Bragi was created as the everlasting
truce and peace between the vanir and the Aesir. He
was created, my brother to beam light into
this world, to amaze and only bring joy. For many a year
he travelled all round, making people fall in love with his
poems, trancing them if you may. He was the beloved.
Loved by all, he was the pure reason why the flowers stayed
bright even in the winter time.

As he wandered the lands, he made the mistake
to visit Swaralfheim, The land ofthe dwarves, to help
enlighten them and maybe if he rid them of
their prue greed and hate maybe they would be able to come
and frollic around in the lands of Midgaard also. As he came to
swaralfheim, he noticed it was dark and glloomy, no one wanted an elf
in their lands. But suprising enough he was greeted by two elves.
Flabbergasted by their friendlyness he realised that maybe,
MAYBE these creatures are merely misunderstood. These creatures
are actually very nice and helpful. They helped him into
thier den and they chatted for hours and hours, but every now and again
the dwarves would ask, "Is it true as the legend says it,
that you carry unequaling treasure with you?"
As with everytime he was asked, Neively thinking they were
making convisation, he replied, "why yes it is true,
i carry a treasures which the gods gave me, which is unequaled
by all the treasure of the world."
But it was getting late and Bragi wished to be home with his wife.
The dwarves begged him to stay and after another hour they
asked to show him their collection of gold. While Bragi had no
liking towards gold, actually he pitied it and how it made people
into greedy animals. He agreed and whent to see this gold, only
to make the dwarves happy. While he was lead down
this tunnel, out of no where one of the dwarves pulled out a dagger and slit
his throat. Where they Split open his head, the place n which bragi
said his treasure was held, only to find a grey mushy brain.
Bragi's unequaling treasure was his skill in poetry, his
ability to bring joy and hapyness to the world. He was killed
by the dwarves, by their born need of greed. He was killed
for a reason, to show that dwarves shall never change.

I hope my brother wasnt killed in vein.

there are some nice dwarves out there but the majority are cruel,
evil and should be avoided at all costs. thats the story of my brother, Bragi.

read parch

Message 7: [Apr 07 13:37] My reply (Krival)

ok, I agree, there are some exceptions to the rule, but
Let me tell you the story on how these creatures were created.

The sons of Bor Discovered that while they had been busy,
Ymir's rotting flesh had produced a slew of creatures. These
creatures were dark, smelly beasts. And although repolsive
they did have life and therfore the aesir were obligated to help them.

The gods assesed the foul, wriggling creatures and quickly
changed into forms fitting their natures. The creatures who were
greedy took on a hunched ovver, gnarled shape. THEY were heaty, tough
but extreamly greedy and slef denoulged. These were the dwares.
AND were banished to underground as to not be seen by the aesir.

whereas the creatures who possessed A spirit to protect,
nature and no greed to taint their souls were changed into beautiful
beings, light as the air itself, noble as the noblest of knights.
These were the elves. They lived in Alfheim but were always
allowed to visit Midgaard whenever they wanted, they could
fly down to Midgaard for whatever reason took
their fancy, be it to play with aflock of brids or
protect the forests. Souring through the air or
tend to some flowers that needed special care.

That is the stroy of the creation of the dwarves, Now let me telll
you a story which highlighs the greed of these creatures.
Actually i do not hate thy Dwarf, i Pity them.

Message 8: [Apr 06 15:11] Re: Krival (Kerith)

To Krival I say,

How did thee write thy post of hatred?

On paper!


Message 9: [Apr 06 14:04] A Response to Krival's Notice (Amaranth)

A Reply to Krival's Notice
I agree that the Elven language, and indeed all the language of the races, shou
ld be used more often.
However, the common tongue is what unifies us to each other. You have stated yo
ur hatred of humans
and dwarfs and I can not and will not share in this hatred. There are several f
ine individuals of each
race that have done nothing to incur your anger toward them. Do not let what a
general race has done speak
for the individuals of that race but let the individuals speak for themselves th
rough their actions.
I would hope that a fellow elf such as yourself who has spoken of our race as no
ble would not stoop
so low as to be consumed in hatred for those whose methods have differed than yo
urs. It is better
to show them your own beliefs and try to change their methods than to hate them
for how they make
their livelyhood or warm their bodies. All I ask is you consider things before
going down the
path of hatred and violence.
Your fellow elf, Amaranth

Message 10: [Apr 05 05:29] Ye Elves, read this (Krival)

To whom, this may concern.

I am Krival. I am an elven tracker, nothing more and nothing less.
I am the elf of nature, I live with the trees, listening
to the whispers of the dryads. I am here, protector of the
forests of Argoceania. I tell you now, I hate Humans for
they chop down our trees, most of all i hate Dwarves.
these brutes hack at our trees to fuel their furnaces and
to fuel thier greed. Let this be a warning to whom
enters the forests for no good reason. And while i take
this opotunity to talk to my fellow Elves out there I tell you all
that were are the purest of races, where are clearly the dominant,
so why should we stoop to the level of the humans and speak
their common spit of a language. Be proud of your heritage
younge elves, Do not forget thy language and thy brother

That is all i wish to say. Fair well my fellow Elven professionals.


Message 11: [Mar 30 16:23] on board (Suerte)

hey finwe check mail (sonyia)

Message 12: [Mar 30 16:04] board (Sonyia)

hey finwe check mail (something)

Message 13: [Mar 18 07:36] Argoceanians! (Nabil)

Hey everybody, it's me, Nabil!

It's been a while since I posted anything and I feel I've been out of touch
lately so I thought I would drop you a line.

If you've any questions, coments, concerns or articles of interest please
mail me a parchment and I will try to respond promptly.

Nabil the Inane

P.S. If you should happen to see a rogue garden gnome wandering the realm be
careful he bites.

Message 14: [Mar 10 09:48] RE: HELL (Xerces)

Ok so i have recieved 1 parch from ALmari for hell if that is
the only person that wants to go fine by me. Then i will feel
safe. But if any other would like to go MAIL ME PLEASE....


Message 15: [Mar 07 19:12] RE: HELL (Xerces)

About one month ago i posted for anyone who wants to go on the run to mudmail
me. I recieved no replys by anyone. ONce again On A FRIDAY this will be held
people please give me times that you are able on that day so i can hope to make
a time out of all the times given.


Message 16: [Mar 07 12:32] [Quest Results] Sanitarium Quests (Mandessa)

Those of you who have entered my last few quests and have been wondering
whatever happened to the quest prize(s) mentioned in the posts, below is
what my notes say should occur:

=Sanitarium In-Patient Quest=

Recap: This is where you checked in yourself, a friend, an acquaintance,
or your imaginary friend into the Eddifel Sanitarium. An NPC description
quest where the winning entries will get to have an NPC that is scripted
after what you submitted in the area itself.

Result: Only Oneonta, Kian, Tyr, and Xerces participated. Each may have
one prize of their choice.

Prize(s): a personalized straitjacket (armor), padded furniture piece,
or out-patient certificate (scroll).

=Sanitarium/Myrrhenna Portrait Quest=

Recap: Players were asked to submit portraits, paintings, or poetry to
be put on display at the Eddifel Sanitarium dining hall.

Result: Participants were Vashna, Tylin, Darkara, Ravenna, Aestii,
Ryvalz, and Olly.

Prize(s): No physical prize, but all submissions will be converted into extra
room descriptions and portraits/paintings and poetry scrolls will be available
for purchase at the Myrrhenna art gallery. Participants will receive an object
that is representative of their submission.

Message 17: [Mar 06 14:04] stables! (Natedog)

There are now stables with mounts suited for many types of travel south of
the west barrier gates.


Message 18: [Mar 05 07:46] hell anyone? hell?\ (Natedog)

what ever happened with the hell run?


Message 19: [Mar 01 09:42] Re: Connection (Kerith)

If ya'll wanna circumvent any DNS issues, just connect to 8888

Message 20: [Feb 29 08:30] Connection Problems (Xtensia)

I'm sure many of you still having problems connecting through your client or tel
net have a DNS Issue.
Meaning you are not resolving the Name into
In your mud client, change the way your client conencts... do not use the name
enter in and then you should be able to connect.
at the present time, most DNS's seem to eb resolving as rivendel.b
I hope this is of some assistance to someone.

Message 21: [Feb 29 06:49] Re: Trouble Conecting (Nabil)

I suspect that the problems with connecting are due to the change in nilgiri's i
p address.

Don't worry, this will pass I'm sure


Message 22: [Feb 27 10:55] Problems with me too (Enrold)

I am also having problems when i try to connect to this game from the applet. I
seem to do it at school fine but not at home. At home it says 'server temporaril
y unavailable'.

Message 23: [Feb 26 21:37] Trouble connecting? (Eris)

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had trouble connecting to the game the pas
t few days.

Message 24: [Feb 26 08:44] Kerith's Quest question (Vielto)

Have you judged the entries for your Family Tree Quest yet? I have not heard
the results and
I was wondering how we all did.
Humbly, Vielto

Message 25: [Feb 20 01:12] NOTICE (Sin)


NOTICE! On Friday, February 21 we will be changing our IP address to There will be a reboot and some time for the new
DNS information to be propagated. It should happen within 24 hours.

What this means for you is that if for some reason you are using the IP to connect here to Nilgiri you need to change that sometime
today to People who connect through the hostname might experience a hiccup sometime throughout the day
but should eventually work itself out within 24 hours.
People using the Applet will have to wait a while until sometime Saturday
when I can recompile the client after the changeover.
(by Applet, I mean the login page at


Message 26: [Feb 16 06:33] Ellos from Folas (Folas)

Ellos Everyone!
I see that Kerith is as fast as Sin on getting quest prizes away... hehehe
Just wanted to say a quick ello and wish all the brave adventures well in Hell.
Take care.
The retired Mage Folas, Order's Archmage.

Message 27: [Feb 15 10:54] Tigress (Nabil)

You've mail.


Message 28: [Feb 02 08:43] My family tree and history (Hippy)

Herals Barefoot Grinbom Frond
+ +
Marina Barefoot Heidi Frond
| |
| | Haorace Korin
Jorka Barefoot Heldi Frond +
|_______________________| Bina Korin
| |
Eraval Barefoot Aramae Korin
| |
Ieufina Barefoot Hippy Barefoot

This the story of my family, though my sister is of more importance.

Deep in the forest of Djincor. After most light fails to reach the forest
floor and before the swamps there dwelt a race of folk known as the Ikeans. It
was a simple village in which they lived and their lives were simple as well.
One Ikean known as Jorka Barefoot and his wife Heldi Barefoot moved from the
village and settled in the foothills of Mt. Godetan to hunt the animals and
gather the fruits and nuts that were abundant.
Jorka was well versed in herb lore and furthered his studies in the
foothills and mountain pass of the mountain. The son he had, Eraval, took an
early interest and soon surpassed his father in knowledge and understanding of
not only the vegetation of the mountain but also that of Djincor and the
On one of Eraval's many travels through the forest he came upon a lovely
Ikean from the village named Aramae Korin. Having never seen any other of his
kind save his mother and father she was, of course, the most beautiful thing he
had ever seen. Unknown to Eraval, he was an extremely handsome and well-built
man and Aramae was instantly smitten.
Their further meetings in the forest produced a daughter, which they named
Ieufina. She grew to become a woman of both incredible beauty and also a
previously unseen talent for growing the flora and the fauna of the forest. Her
teachings helped the village to become prosperous as they grew their crops and
groves which bore fruit and grain and vegetables more than twice as large and
delicious as anything that had come before.
Their produce was highly sought after by the population of the neighboring
city of Argosiae and subsequently the city of Eltanin. Ieufina grew reclusive
and retreated to the foothills to live with her grandparents on into the last
of their days.
Shortly after the passing of her grandmother Ieufina was visited by a
stranger who hailed from the Cliffs of the West Wind. Her skin was a powder
blue and her eyes shone with a blue deeper than the great oceans. The stranger
was obviously not human but very kind and exceedingly intelligent. She
convinced Ieufina to come and care for her groves and plants in the temple she
lives in.
Ieufina went to prepare for her long journey but the stranger stepped
outside and said, "Oh no my dear, we will not be walking to the temple."
And with a wave of her hand she was transformed into a magnificent two-
headed cloud dragon that easily stood over forty feet tall. With a warm smile
the dragon lowered her head and Ieufina timidly climbed on. With a great rush
of air the dragon's wings were sent down and her body lifted off the ground to
soar up over the mountain towards the cliffs and her temple.
Some say they saw what happened that day, most do not beleive them. Ieufina
now dwells in the temple as the keeper of the groves and can still be spotted
flying with her dragon-friend far above the mountain.

Message 29: [Jan 31 11:56] Pixie Missing! (Azmael)

!!! MISSING !!!

AA ,'`.,'`._,
/,,< \ / <_,
> / / / <_,
\-_>_>/ ,'
_ _/_(_/______/__
\\ ( (_ ,,--'---^,\\
\\>___/ \ / ___,'
` /=)= `. \
| \_ \
|/\/\/\| `. \
\ | /\ `.`.
\( /\ \ `.`.
| \ `.`._, `-\_,
| /| `-'
| / \ (
/_/ \_\

Gael has been missing for many
weeks, her sister Abigael is
looking for her. Please inform
me if you get any news about
her. Thank you to all the
.o) Azmael (o.

Message 30: [Jan 29 16:17] Turin and Sonyia's wedding (Turin)

Turin has declared his love for Sonyia
And Sonyia has accepted Turins proposal
They Shall Be Wed soon

Message 31: [Jan 28 20:04] Recognition (Yukon)

I just wanted to give credit to Ceruvil for her dedication to helping newbies fe
el welcome and assiting
them in any way she can. It made me real happy to see this since Ceruvil is a lo
wer level character
who is pretty new herself. But she still goes out of her way to help. And I hope
she gets the recognition
she deserves. I know there are alot of good adventurers he and I implore you all
to take some time to
help can only make Argos thrive like it already has started to.
-Yukon the Ruler of the Northern Lands [GODETAN]

Message 32: [Jan 28 07:07] Re: Yukon (Nabil)

A harty welcome back to the great Yukon, the original argoceanian.


Message 33: [Jan 27 22:12] Just sayin Hi (Yukon)

I'll be doing alot of exploring seeing all the wonderful new additions that have
taken place here,
so I will be discarding a fair amount of eq, not just the lower eq, at the Donat
ios room in Eltanin.
If you could use it great, or better yet if you know a newbie who could use a li
ttle help getting on
their them out.
It's nice to finally be back. Should you see me wandering don't hesitate to ask
should you
need anything at all.
-Yukon the Ruler of the Northern Lands [GODETAN]

Message 34: [Jan 25 18:17] Family Tree Quest (Kerith)

Before I post the winner of the family tree quest, I'd like to verify
that these are the entries for Argoceania:
Vielto, Xtensia, and Elggur.

If there were any other entries I missed, it is probably because I am
wear-eyed and tired. If no other entries come to my attention, I will
announce the winner Tuesday morning at 8:45AM.

Thank you,


Message 35: [Jan 24 00:42] HELL!!! (Xerces)

Remember In 15 days the hell run will be maybe 16 or 17
depends on people. Those of you who want to come i want
to mail me a parchement with your name and what days are
good and times. Some may die others will flurish.......


Message 36: [Jan 22 08:19] Hear ye! Hear ye! (Internuncio)

On this day, the day of Tyr, 8th day of the month of Spring, year 396, Nabil and
Tigress were wed.
Let all rejoice and celebrate.

Message 37: [Jan 17 18:52] Xtensia's Family Tree (Xtensia)

Xtensia Isywyn's Family Tree

(All Elves)
Eldar Avari Orcs
Elves of the Great Journey The Unwilling
| |
| -------------------|
|---------------|-----------| |
Vanyar Noldor Teleri |
Light Elves Deep-elves The Third Clan |
| Hildarn Isywyn
| (Descendant of Melkor)
| +
| Xtraniel Bealom
| (Keeper of the 7thTome)
Morathi Melian |
(Seeress) (One of the Maiar) |
+ + |
Aenarion Elwe |
(Eldar Phoenix King) (Leader of the Teleri) |
| | |
----- ----- ------
| | |
Malekith---------+---Lthien Tinviel |
(Witch King of | (Teleri) |
the Dark Elves) | |
| |
Druthwyn Hixer --------+-----Valinar Isywyn
(Keeper of the Iron Circlet) | (Goddess of Despair)
Ilarene Isywyn----+---Xilinuan Oresuner
(Bain of existance) | (Of the Silvan Elves)
*Too many siblings/relatives to list Xtensia Isywyn
(Guardian of Darker Realms)
Family History:

During Malekith's younger years as he Delved into the Black Arts, he had
An insatiable lust for females, leading to many trysts. One of these was
with the breathtaking Daughter of Melian and Elwe, Lthien Tinviel. Of
course, a child was conceived and born, Druthwyn Hixer. Lthien fearing
Malekith, as his soul was twisted further into Insanity by his lust for
power, quietly boar the child deep in the forests, and left him to be taken
care of by the forest Ent's. Alas, Druthwyn with evil already embedded into
his soul, sought out his roots for many ages. The Ent's of course hid these
secrets well. Until his father Malekith was deceased, did he learn the
truth! He then traveled to the Dark lands of Naggaroth and secretly stole the
Iron Circlet from his fathers corpse, to be claimed as his own. During his
searches, he happened upon a striking young female Dark Elf, Valinar Isywyn.
They were wed, and Valinar boar the drow Ilarene, deciding it best they
followed the surname of Isywyn to keep Valinar safe from those that wished
the line of Malekith purged. Ilarene was one for the taste of many females
also, one of these, Xilinuan Oresuner, boar him a male drow, whos named has
become to be known as Xtensia. Ilarene although felt the pull of the dark
forces in his soul and delved into deeper and darker magics than any had
foreseen. While Xilinuan fought to save Ilarene's soul, the two were ensuned
by darkness and disappeared into nothingness. It is rumored that the two can
been seen in the trailing wisps of Xtensia's shadow. Whom now has surpassed
his father in Darkness and the chaotic twisted magics of the Arcane.

Message 38: [Jan 14 16:49] My family tree/story (Elggur)

House Rezwyd

Matron Dehrine(mother)
/ \

^Vonah> *Ezwena>' *Bahn- ^Medezah- *Fariz>'

*Zelni-' ^Neif-' +Zofga- Elggur> +Mahzeef-'

+Ezrye' +Zigwe

My mother bore 10 children as which
seven were female which is very good
in a house. However, unlike most of
surface races it is not a problem
for females to have more than one
mate thus we were not all the same
My mother had two, one, Zigwe
which "fathered" six of the children
and Ezrye, which is my father and the
father of the rest.
All of my brothers were wizards and
I was to be as well. However, an
incident happened that took us out of
of our deity's favor and a sacrifice
had to be made in order to restore our
status. Usually, a slave is used but in
this case a noble was needed.
Since female nobles have a higher status than male nobles
it was between me and my brothers, Zofga and Mahzeef.
Like I had said they were already wizards
and I was to be one. Wizards are real rare
and valuable, so of course I was chosen.
I remember when i was about to escape when
my sisters barged in and put me in
a trance. Then I remember breaking out of the
trance as the dagger was about to cut. In a flash,
the dagger was in my hand with Neif's blood
painted on it.
In a frenzy, I went about slashing trying
everything to escape. Anything in my path
met a quick end. It was truly luck that I
escaped. Especially, the confrontation
with Mahzeef and my father Ezrye, which
is also a wizard. The gods must have
been with me for I ended them with
just a few burns and wounds.
I managed to escape and fled into
the caverns. Where even more trials awaited
me. Here I have made a key if you wish to know
a little bit more.

* Priestess
^ High Priestess
+ Wizard
- offspring of Zigwe
> offspring of Ezrye
' and the ones I believe I killed in my escape

Note that their father will be shown at the end of their names
also the ' will show up and the end of the name as well.


Message 39: [Jan 08 16:14] Vielto's Heritage (Vielto)

Vielto's Family History
Victor & Vienna# Prezar | Mya# & Eckis# Senati
/ | \ / \
Victor II@ Vyar Vila@ & Torio# Atar & Maria
Key: #deceased, @slain, &married
This may all look simple but I feel I need to include another portion of my life
, my vampiric roots, and those of my love, Nisa.
Armond & Jea (Sa) [surnames unknown]
/ / | \
Anyiki(Sa) LeGui(Sa)@ Victor(Sa) & Vienna# Rulto(Sj) & Leya#
/ | \ / \
Victor II(H)@ Vyar(H) Vila(H)@ & Torio# Mida(H)@ & ? Isa(H)@
\ /
Vielto(H) & Nisa(H)
Sa is sired by Armond, Sj is sired by Jea, H is hereditarily passed vampiracy
Nisa and I were brought together by some greater force after spending centuries
by ourselves. We have stayed together as companions out of a deep love and a bo
nd of vampiric heritage.

Message 40: [Jan 08 08:56] Kerith's Family Tree (Kerith)

Family Tree of Kerith's
*deceased ^sister to Joslin &married ,sibling

Selenia Cleatere & Tileus Astrehart
/ | \

Iendal Clareos Danehart
Joslin* & Kendall* | Valita^ & Aspen | Megan*^ & Straker
| | | | |
Kerith & Aveare |Rion, Sorian, Auria* |Inteus, Echard, Eve & Ciron
| | |
| | Jorin, Ciral

Distant relatives: Kejin Hijaro, Gamin Temoke, Daro Avejua, Kian Avejua,
Roec Aztus, Kiral Atensilk, Saladin Hijaro, Jolear X,
Terko Atenko, Kraen Lenhart, Tora & Yahki Inteki, and
two strange individuals known as Stormwind and

Message 41: [Jan 08 08:56] Family Tree [Quest] (Kerith)

I offer a quest to all continents. This is the quest of the family tree.
Write and append to your local public bulletin board your entire family
tree (or atleast what you know of it). How detailed it is, how creative
it is, will score you extra points and determine how good of a reward you
earn. The deadline will be January 15th. An unlimited amount of prizes can
be given out, but only one to each character you own (heh heh).

To help I will provide my family tree. You could base it off mine, but I
intentionally made mine mediocre, with no story or description, just sur-
names. With the best prize being a piece of equipment, I would get, at
most, a token. So do better than I did!

Good luck!


Message 42: [Jan 07 09:59] Proclamation of Love! (Kerith)


This is a formal announcement to state,
on the 13th day of the month of the Winter Wolf,
Kerith Iendal has proposed to Aveare of Argoceania.
A date of their ceremony and reception will be
supplied shortly.


Message 43: [Jan 06 20:36] Message for one 'Tigress' (Liban)

I received mail for one 'Tigress' today, not knowing any Tigresses, I gave it to
the mail manager in Eltanin.
So if anyone who goes by the name of Tigress is expecting mail, you can speak to
the mail manager...

A lowly courier

Message 44: [Jan 05 13:35] Happy New Year! (Sin)

I was going through some of my pictures and thought these were worth
sharing a reminder of a hope for peace in the new year and a reminder of
what great losses can come otherwise.


Message 45: [Jan 05 06:42] Re: Vashna (Kerith)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Any class I play at any given time is the best class because there is
more to the game play than how well you kill a mob.

Oh well.

Message 46: [Jan 03 22:08] best solo-class? (Vashna)

There is no such thing as the 'best solo-class'. Every class is meant to
group with one another so the weaknesses of each class would be covered
up and the strength multiplied.

I think I will post something about the strength and weaknesses of each
class in a few days so some of you will stop arguing which class is the best.

Message 47: [Jan 03 14:23] Eh? Mages? (Kerith)

Mages aren't meant to travel alone?

Hmm, maybe I need to level a mage and show you all how it's done.
Mages can be the best solo-class, I thought that's why
my Order-folk are mages.


Message 48: [Jan 03 02:07] Folas for you (Xerces)

Sir Folas. You have been a very valiant mage to.
Remember because of you a few mmobs in this realm have been conquered.
Mages are not ment to travel alone but to aid in combat.
Youu are very noble and honorable. Best of luck
on your journey to wherever you may go.


Message 49: [Dec 31 21:42] 2004 (Kerith)

Happy New Year to all of Nilgiri!

May 2004 be much happier and brighter than 2003!


Message 50: [Dec 31 18:21] Later Folas (Arkon)

That sucks, best of luck in life and mudding.
Later Folas

( he didnt say i made a difference ) hehe


Arkon the Everlasting Knight

Message 51: [Dec 29 04:31] Re: Nah (Kerith)

He'll be back...

Message 52: [Dec 28 14:07] A Final Farewell to all... (Folas)

I wish safe journey's and victorious battles to all that have crossed
my path. Throughout my adventures here, I have met some very good
friends, some wonderful Gods and great roleplayers. I will miss
Nilgiri very much, but tis time for this mage to move onto other
lands to continue his studies. A very Special Thanks to Kerith,
Aveare, Xtensia, Almari, Natedog and Xerces. You all have made a
difference to my mudding, and I will surely never forget ye.

Be well to all I have met.
Folas, the Order clan's Archmage

Message 53: [Dec 27 04:25] Exploration Tips for lvl 10-20 (Vashna)

To the adventurers who are fortunate or persistant enough to pass level 10,
here is my advice on exploration. Please note that this guide is more
suitable for players between level 10 - 20 because it is during this time that
you should be exploring the most.

1. Food and Drink
By now, you should have a pack to carry some food and a water container.
Before exploring, you should always remember to buy some meals and fill
up your water container because you never know how long that journey may
take you. In fact, it might take you... forever (especially when you venture
into Darkwood).

2. Detect Invisible
By level 10, you should be able to earn a steady income of gold which is
enough for you to be able to buy a yellow potion of detect invisible every
time you log on for you to quaff. This is useful for detecting some of the
invisible magic users who are online and at the same time, useful for
detecting sneaky invisible creatures and objects.

3. Remove Darkness
Try to get 'remove darkness' casted on you or (easier) to have an object
that emits light. It can get very annoying when it's nighttime and you can't
see anything. Infravision might help you, but it's not a substitute for
'remove darkness'.

4. Invisibility
Being invisible helps you avoid unnecessary confrontation with annoying
aggressive mobs that can't detect invisible. However, boss mobs and
magic user mobs are most likely to be able to detect invisible and if they
are aggressive, then you can't avoid them with this spell. There are two
types of invisibility: invisibility and improved invisibility. Try to get the
improved version casted on you from a high level mage whenever you
want to explore. You may also buy potions or items that give you
invisibility (such as wand of invisibility, clear potion of invisibility, and
anti-cyclops elixir). Whenever you are exploring with invisibility, try not
to attack anything because it will break your invisibility (unless you have
improved invisibility). Read the help file for further information.

Message 54: [Dec 27 04:25] Exploration Tips (cont) (Vashna)

5. Sanctuary
I would consider this to be an essential spell whenever I explore a new
area. Sanctuary makes you take half damage from all physical hits, which
greatly increases your survival rate. Before you explore a new area, you
should try to get a level 13+ cleric to cast this spell on you.

6. Farsee (or envisage for druids)
Farsee is a spell that helps you look into an adjacent room without needing
to walk there. You may gain this spell by quaffing a potion that gives the
spell or by casting it (if you are a mage). It can help you avoid death traps
and aggressive creatures that stay in one room.

7. Flee 50%
Set your flee to 50 percent of your max HP whenever you are exploring a
new area that could contain dangerous creatures. Trust me, you will want
to do that. Some creatures (usually boss mobs) are capable of ripping your
guts out in less than one or two rounds if you are not careful.

8. Stay at full HP
When exploring an area and you get hurt, it would be wise to walk a few
rooms back and take a rest before you continue exploring. Always stay at
full health before entering the next unexplored room. You never know what
nasty surprises might be hidden in there.

9. Ask for hints, not answers
If you want to ask a seasoned adventurer about an area, ask for hints, not
answers. For example, instead of asking what items are loaded by what
creature in a specific area, ask for hints to where the area might be. Then
go explore there by yourself (or better as a group) and find out everything
you can by yourself.

10. Never give up!
If you suffered an unfortunate death from exploration, my only advice to
you is to never give up. Instead of thinking negative thoughts such as
"This sucks, or I lost a lot of exp, or I lost all my items, or I fell down a
precipice and couldn't afford to buy my corpse back, etc", think positive.
Think about what you have learned from the mistakes that led you to your
death (such as not having farsee). Think about what you are going to do to
overcome this horrible event. I can assure you that months later, you are
going to look back at your deaths and laugh about it (or maybe not).

Message 55: [Dec 27 00:39] Seurte (Macavity)

I wish to speak to you about your alliance with Daz, and the 'no killing innocen
t animals' thing.

Message 56: [Dec 23 15:49] spirits! (Natedog)

The spirits have revolted!

Message 57: [Dec 20 03:43] Newbie Tips for lvl 1-9 (Vashna)

I see some brave new adventurers in these desolate lands. To them,
I bid "Welcome to the continent of Argoceania!"

I would like to offer you some advice. If you are wise and patient enough,
you would read this post, consider my words of wisdom and apply them
to your daily routine.

1. Please Role-Play
Role-playing is basically like acting. You act according to your class,
race, level, etc. If you are a druid, try being obsessed about nature. If you
are an elf, try speaking the elven language with other elves sometimes.
In other words, try to role-play as frequently as possible. It is difficult for
the gods to enforce this rule, so it is up to the entire Argoceanian
population to role-play voluntarily. Since most of us role-play, chances
are that you are going to have to role-play too. And also try to keep
discussions about events that happen 'in real life' to a minimum. You may
not be the best role-player in the world (me included), but at least just try
to do your best and don't spoil the fun of all the other role-players.

2. Consider
Those of you new here may want to turn on the option CONSIDER by
typing 'consider'. Or you can also manually consider the creatures you
want to kill before choosing to attack them. This will help you think twice
before you attack something that might be too hard for you. Type
'help consider' for more information.

3. Nokill
It would be wise to keep NOKILL on when you are still a newbie. Guards
will attack you whenever they see you attack a citizen and you won't
stand a chance against them. And you also won't have to player-kill
anybody else anyway... For further information, type 'help nokill'.

4. Fleeing
To set the amount of HP you want to flee at, type 'flee (number)'. I would
strongly advise that you set your flee to at least 30 percent of your max HP.

5. Recall
Always have at least one scroll of recall or a clear piece of paper. Type
'recite scroll' whenever you need to use it. Reciting it will immediately
bring you back to your city of origin. You must be a citizen of a city in
order for the scroll of recall to work. To be a citizen, you must naturalize
at a city's bank and keep enough money in the bank for you to stay a
citizen. Type 'attributes' to see if you are still a citizen of a city. Type
'autorecall' and turn it on if you want to automatically recite a scroll of
recall when your HP falls below the level you set your flee to. Remember
to buy another scroll of recall when you run out!


Message 58: [Dec 20 03:42] Newbie Tips (cont) (Vashna)

6. Environment
Type 'environment' and you will see a list of options that you can turn
on and off. Experiment with them and see which ones you prefer to have
on or off.

7. Alias
If you belong to any class that uses magic, you must use this. Always
use an ALIAS to substitute the spells that you cast frequently. For further
information, type 'help alias'. For example, if you type "alias cf cast
'create food'", typing 'cf' will be just like typing "cast 'create food'".

8. Ask for help
Always ask for help whenever you really need it. If something didn't go
too well for you, just shout or gossip for help. It is likely that you might
need a summon out of an area or a corpse retrieval service every once
in a while. Most of the seasoned adventurers here would be more than
willing to help you. But just don't abuse this privilege and ask for help
all the time. However, if nobody is online to help you during your time
of dismay, then TOO BAD. MWAHAHAHA!!! My advice to you is not to
do anything risky whenever nobody higher level than you is on.

9. Don't beg
Please don't beg for items. You may accept gifts, but just don't beg
for items. It will be an insult to you and to the person you are begging.

10. Explore immediate surrounding
You will just need to explore the areas around you and get familiar
with your surroundings. Don't worry, you won't meet any aggressive
creatures that can kill you in one bite. At least not yet. There is no hurry
for you to explore all the areas that this great continent has to offer.
Instead, focus more on killing easy mobs and gaining experience before
you are strong enough to explore the more difficult areas further away
from the city. If you feel like you might have entered a new area, just
type 'where' and you will see whether or not you are suitable to be in
that area.

Message 59: [Dec 14 17:56] strange new lands... (Natedog)

A mountain pass has begun to cut a swath through Mt. Godetan.
It leads to cliffs on the west side of the mountain and into the clouds!


Message 60: [Nov 30 06:12] Re: Mandessa Birthday Quest (Sin)

Winners of the Mandessa Birthday Quest are as follows:

Almari and Pilate 13 pieces each get a tear drop earring
Godetan Clan 8 pieces gets a pair of wire-framed glasses
Folas 4 pieces gets a wire bracelet
Xtensia, Aveara 2 pieces each gets a perwinkle potion
Suerta, Cristane, Tyndall 1 piece gets a blue potion

Expect your items in mud mail in the next few days.
Thanks for participating!


Message 61: [Nov 26 13:00] HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDESSA! (Sin)

Sselboj's and Yenomon's have taken away my gift for Mandessa. Please help
me restore this prized posession or at least the majority of it. I will
undoubtedly be in your debt! Prizes for the majority of those who can obtain
the pieces of Mandessa's gift out there.

Quest ends November 27 midnight EST (check the time command).

Good luck!

Message 62: [Nov 23 18:34] A fight (part 1) (Natedog)

It was night and there were rumors. Rumors of a great evil that plagued a
mountain. An entire mountain and the surrounding hills and valley. The evil had
a name. A name so ancient that all who knew it had died and those who would
still remember chose not to.

This is the story of a humble thief and the great battle against the great
black dragon know only as Golgoth the ancient evil.

The mages were the first to fall. Their magic has weakened him considerably but
his power all at once overwhelmed them. The warriors and druids fought at the
front. Swords blazing and staves calling on the very power of nature to bind
him in vines and earth.

He reared back as the earth rose up to meet him and drug him down. The vines bou
nd him as the warriors struck with their combined fury. The clerics summoned
their holy wrath on his evil and he writhed in agony and disorientation. The
clerics were the next to fall.

All at once the dragon broke vines restricting his head and breathed a great
stream of acid. The clerics had grouped to avoid being hit but in turn had made
themselves an easier target for the dragon's wrath. They were reduced to a
gurgling, boiling, smoking mass of flesh and bones.

Myself, and others like me fired our bows relentlessly. Aiming arrows enchanted
by cleric's holy magic. The least intelligent among our ranks sprang forward
with the dragon bound to plunge his dagger into his eye. At the last second he
snapped his jaws and our friend was no more.

Enraged, the warriors went into a berserker rage and easily wielded their two-
handed weapons with one and attacked the dragon with renewed fervor. The druids
summoned huge living trees to aid them in battle. Each one was struck down by
the dragon's mighty tail and splintered against the rock.

The thief had one friend among the fighters and he was the most enraged.
Picking up a fallen comrade's axe he plunged it and his own battle-axe into the
beast's eye. The dragon reared up with a deafening roar and lashed out missing
the warrior by inches. His second swing did not miss. Striking cleanly and
sending the warrior flying turned him into a stain on the cave wall.

The druids fought with all the rage of a terrible winter storm. They unleashed
a torrent of ice spells which created gaping wounds on the dragon's left side.
The others summoned the power of the earth and brought a portion of the caves
down on the beast's head.

The dragon now had one eye and was bleeding acidic blood from his head and
side. He roared and turned to the druids. The warriors, fearing the druids
would meet the same fate as the clerics took action. They gave a might battle-
cry and launched into the fray, all of them striking in unison. With their
combined might they sent the dragon back more than forty feet.

The druids gave a great hurrah as the beast struck the rock. The celebration
was short as the dragon recovered quickly and launched at the group of druids,
and warriors. They tried to escape but the dragon was blindingly quick. He
caught the majority in his jaws and turned them to chunks of meat with his many

Message 63: [Nov 23 18:34] A fight (part 2) (Natedog)

Being the best marksman it was decided that I stay and the rest of my mates
run down to face the beast. Their speed and guile kept them out of reach and
distracted the dragon enough for the warriors to regain their feet. They
renewed their attack, warriors and thieves fighting side-by-side.

Suddenly the dragon spun and sent his tail towards his potential meals. Those
who were not quick enough to dodge were laid low or chopped in half. The
carnage of that one hit was enough to freeze the survivors where they stood.
The druids' call to battle woke them and they again resumed the onslaught.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned. It was my friend Petre of the order of
clerics. He was badly burned and the flesh where his arm had been still boiled.
He did his best to gurgle out a request. "You.. dag.. da-gul..."

I obliged and produced the ancient blade. Petre's eyes rolled back into his head
and he stood erect as if a wooden pole had been shoved through his body.
A great white light glowed from within and was forced outward. He shoved his
hands upward and spoke his last words. "DRIVE THIS INTO HIS DARK HEART, MY

He forced both hands downward and his entire essence poured through them and
into my blade. Petre then collapsed as an empty husk onto the rock. My friend
lay dead beside me, having forfieted his life for a last rite. My dagger now
glowed with a bright white light and seemed to pulse.

To my horror I looked over the ledge and glimpsed the dragon rearing up and
my group of people fleeing for their lives. I scrambled for an arrow as the drag
on roared. As he took in his aim I striped the lace from my shoe and
tied my dagger to the arrow.

As I turned to aim the beast drew in his breath. I screamed and let my arrow
fly. The white light flew straight and true as if somehow guided by Petre
himself. The light found home. It buried itself deep within the dragon's heart
and sent him back with more force than a hundred men could conjure with their
bows. The dragon hit the wall and collapsed, then, with a pitiful wail he drew
a breath and moved no more.

A great cheer went up from the group. And weapons were forced into the air.
Kor, the leader walked over to claim our prize, the orb that lay grasped in
the slain beast's claw.

Kor stood next to the dragon and his head rose up. A great gasp came from the
group and Kor spun to meet the dragon's head crashing down on him. He drew his
massive sword and held is fast as the dragon drove his head onto Kor's sword
and into his own brain.

A second, more uneasy cheer rose up from the group as Kor threw the head off
from himself. He marched over to the dragon's claw and raised his sword. With
one mighty slash he relieved the arm of its hand which opened and spilled forth
an orb of purest black. He snatched up the orb and sheathed his sword.

The eldest druid cast a spell and a large plant grew from the ground and
opened. With us all inside the plant closed only to open again and we now found
ourselves in a forest and safe.

Message 64: [Nov 22 18:40] check your mud mail!!! (Natedog)

You guys should check your mail once in a while.


Message 65: [Nov 17 12:22] new area! (Natedog)

The foothills of a great mountain has been discovered north of the forest of
Djincor near Argosiae.

Message 66: [Nov 16 18:38] Gragoth and Voltor (Nabil)

Gragoth and Voltor, I have an item to reimburse your experience loss.
See me as soon as possible.


Message 67: [Nov 15 10:03] Druid forests (Nabil)

Yeah, ok, forests and druids go together, but damnit do you have to pop them up

out of nowhere...I mean, it's kinda creepy


Message 68: [Nov 13 17:39] new area! (Natedog)

A forest has opened up out of the eastern gate to Argosiae!
Beware the black dragon that dwells in the caves!!!


Message 69: [Nov 13 07:48] Taylored Example (Kerith)

Another example of a FREE item:

A glowing blue spider-cloak:

-take away 5 mana, 5 maxhit, -1 saving_spell
-remove the magic and glowing flags

-Add -2 armor free of charge
-Rename the object into, let's say, 'a lightweight black cape'

So hypothetically the IDENTIFICATION of this new item, free of charge, will
look like:

You feel informed:
Object 'cape lightweight black taylored_item', Item type: worn
Weight: 3, Value: 1, Decay: -1 days
Can affect you as :
Affects : armor by -2

Where as it used to look like:
You feel informed:
Object 'silk cloak glowing', Item type: worn
Item is: glowing, magic
Weight: 3, Value: 177, Decay: -1 days
Can affect you as :
Affects : max-hit by 5
Affects : mana by 5
Affects : saving_breath by -1

Message 70: [Nov 13 07:39] Taylored Example (Kerith)

Another example of a costly item:

a lava lamp:

magic flag..........................................................5000 gold
200 hours of light..................................................5000 gold
2 mods of max-hit.......................................2 tokens.+.10000 gold
3 mods of move..........................................6 tokens.+.15000 gold
1 mod of mana...........................................2 tokens.+..5000 gold
6 mods, must take 1 away 10 tokens + 40000 gold
Since you take one of the mods away, that's 2 tokens and 5000 gold, so a poss-
ible final cost is 8 tokens, 35000 gold for an item that will give 9 maxhit,
10 move (subtracted a mod=5 move), and 6 mana.

Another option, to save money, is to remove stats. You can always remove a
stat, but you can never add one.

Example: I can only afford a 5hp, 5 mana item that gives light. So I will
hand in a lava lamp and...
magic flag.....................5000 gold
200 hours of light.............5000 gold
1 mod of max-hit......2 tokens+5000 gold
1 mod of mana.........2 tokens+5000 gold
2 mods 4 tokens+20000 gold

Easy enough, eh?
Remember, any questions, or want me to calculate a cost for you, just let
me know. Also, this offer is exclusive to Argoceanians.


Message 71: [Nov 13 07:33] Taylored Reality (Kerith)

Anyone ever have an image of their character? You know, how they *really* should

look. Not with all these lava lamps, feathers, and strange looking attire. Well,

I would like to offer, for the enhancement of roleplay, the opportunity to achie
this standard of appearance.

There are two options:

I will taylor an item to your specifications for free with the following constra
-Only a stat of up to -2 armor may be placed on the item.
-Item must not have any magical description. If it cannot be made in medieval
times, it cannot be made using this method.
-No extra effects like glowing or the like may be applied to this item.

I will taylor an item at a cost of 2 tokens per modifier plus a cost of 5000 gol
d per
magical essence (i.e. any stat, just because it is there, counts as an essence)
the following constraints:
-No more than 5 mods.
-Must hand in an object, essentially this is being renamed.
-This is not melding, only one object at a time.
I.e. Condor feathers -> studded red leather armbands
AC=2 -> armor=-2 OR AC=2 and cost of 4 tokens + 5000 gold
INT=1 -> no int OR int=1 and cost of 2 tokens + 5000 gold
...So retain the original item but with the new name, and it will cost 3 to
and 10,000 gold. Or, just change the name and have just -2 armor and it wil
be free.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Items will be completed at
my convenience, but I will try to be prompt.


Message 72: [Nov 12 12:09] = House of Chaos = (Mandessa)

Interested applicants should read the help file "Chaos" and mudmail their
application to me. The clan quest equipment listed is currently only available
to Jora residents, though steps are being taken to create Argos-based clan

In addition to the requirements, you need to have explored at least 1500
rooms and know your way around Argoceania.

There is a fully functioning Chaos clan house on Argoceania territory.

Message 73: [Nov 10 10:27] Linkas Valley (Tero)

A strange valley has been discovered in the rolling hills.
Some strange creatures appear to have made this valley their home.
I recommend that some of you noble citizens take it upon yourselves
to go investigate the truth to this rumor.


Message 74: [Oct 21 17:24] new area opened (Natedog)

Beware the goblins that dwell west of the great dragon head!


Message 75: [Oct 20 20:59] Renaissance Faire Pix (Sin)


Message 76: [Oct 17 14:48] Re: Role-playing (Sin)

Your roleplaying post is well noted. I was considering posting it on the
literature page of Nilgiri. Now I do not have a problem with role playing but
I do have problems in enforcing such action. We're a mud run by volunteers
and I do not have the time to enforce role playing in Argoceania so could not
expect others to enforce it either. But let us suppose I say Argoceania is to
be role-play only. How do enforce it? Who will enforce it? What sort of
punishment do we give out? And who will be the ultimate authority on
role-playing? These things need to be considered.
As for the world, I do frown upon none medieval fantasy items and descriptions.
I have made an exception for one of Mobius' areas because he is a founder and
Rivin was powerless to stop it from happening :) Otherwise, if you do see
discrepency like the Taco Bell dog let it be known to me and I'll see what can
be done.

Message 77: [Oct 01 02:39] new tutorial (Sin)

I rewrote the Nilgiri tutorial to be more comprehensive. Go check
it out:

Let me know if I left anything major out.


PS I know the tutorial isn't geared towards Argoceanians :( But
Argo isn't supposed to be that easy, right? :)

Message 78: [Mar 14 15:59] no joran eq, it will be confiscated (Natedog)

there will be no fratinizing between the continents.
any joran eq I see will be destroyed. So, trade at your own risk.


Message 79: [Mar 04 07:00] MAP:Terruwan Waste (enough killing monkeys?) (Almari)

by Almari +--+<<1--+-- Castle
| |
| |
Rocky | |
Rivers +--+--+--+ +
| | |
+--+--+ +--+ Mountain
| | | | |
+--+--+ +--+
Entrance | | | |
-*--+--+--+ +--+--+ +
| | | |
+--+--+ +
| |
| |
Black & Khurvhin

Message 80: [Jan 28 14:24] Map of the Lush Oasis (to help newbies) (Almari)

by Almari


| | |

|Oasis| |

+--+--+ +--*--+ +

| | | | |

| | | | |

+ +--+ +--+ +--+--+

| | | | | |

| | | | | |



|# #|

+--+# City #+--+

| |# of #| |

Watchtower| |# Eltanin #| |Watchtower

* +# #+ *

| |# #| |

Sheuwan | |# #| | Terruwan

Waste-+--+--+--*-West East-*--+--+--+--Waste

| #Gate Gate# |

| # # |

+--+ # #+--+--+

| | # #| |

| | # #| |

+--+ # #+--+

| # #|

| # #|

+--+# South #+--+

| |# Gate # |

| |########|############## |

+--+ + * +--+--+--+ +

| | | | | | |

| | | | | | |

+ +--+ +--+ +--+--+ +--+

| | | | |

| | | | |

+--+--+--+--*Ant Hills +

| | | |

Moravu river

Message 81: [Aug 17 16:12] Jora a blink away! (Sin)

Argoceanians have the unique ability to make their way to Jora without
having to sail and without the maps making their way out into the population.
It is simple and it is easy. But there are a couple of rules.
1. You must be at least level 21
2. You have to go naked
In order to do this all you need to do is pray at the temple of Eltanin.
Once you get there, to get back you need to pray at the temple of Midgaard.
Once again the rules apply for getting back as getting there. You might
encounter problems like not being able to use the shops or the receptionist.
I want to hear about these type of things.

Message 82: [May 11 04:01] Newbie Helper (Sin)

As some of you have noticed, "Diku" will announce possible new players who
have never logged into the realm of Nilgiri. This is a new feature of the
game. It is put in to bring to the attention all you "newbie helpers" out
there a chance to assist and show a newbie our little corner of the
Internet. And possibly induct a new member and another long term comrade
into what is the Forgotten World of Nilgiri. Players is what makes this
world thrive. So when you see a newbie, help them out, and I don't mean
dump a bunch of equipment on them and send them on their merry way. There
are many people who come from IRC, chatrooms, Mercs, ROMs, Mucks, Tinys
and other places that may not be familiar with how Nilgiri works and need
special attention. A lot of new players simply like to have their hand
held for a while before they strike out on their own.

I am all for raising the player base of Nilgiri. It makes this a more
interesting place to be. So, if there is anything I can do to help you
help the future new players of Nilgiri, please let me know.

The Help Nilgiri Flourish Campaign


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