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Message 1: [Apr 21 19:36] RE: Russ and withdraw (Anarcist)

I am thinking the withdraw command should be removed until it can be fixed prope
This is due to all the issues surrounding it and its misuse.
I can only say that I dont wanna see players frozen for using it..
So just eliminate the temptations and remove it please for the sake of the mud.

Message 2: [Apr 21 17:42] withdraw (Russ)

I support Mandessa. If you think you shouldn't be doing it, because the game
wasn't meant to function that way and you still do it, then you
are cheating.

Clear and simple as Anarcist said it: it's a means to avoid the
exp cap.

So obviously you are doing something that wasn't meant to be done,
so don't do it.


Message 3: [Apr 20 23:05] Meh (Haruon)

Meh just remove the command all together :D
whats so hard about that...?


Message 4: [Apr 20 20:30] Notice. (Larkan)

Some of you may think I am in the clan Ascension. I no longer fight under that
flag, and will not do so again. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.

larkan the Anti Hero

Message 5: [Apr 20 17:36] re: Rion (Mandessa)

Well, Rion, you did say to warn them. The warning is now out,
and people will be frozen for abusing bugs, no questions asked.

Message 6: [Apr 20 17:33] Oh bother.. as Pooh would say (Mandessa)

It bothers me to see an NPC being used to gain 300k xp in less than 5 minutes.
It bothers me to see ordinarily good players use this method to help their frien
It bothers me that people keep abusing this bug even after I've told them not to
It bothers me that I even have to post on the subject.

Message 7: [Apr 20 14:03] New Quest (Darkara)

I wish to put forth a quest for those who are level 12 through 16. I require th
e following items.
Moon Scepter
Incandescent Blue Stone
Glowing Orb Wisp of Silken Threads
Amber Gem
Whoever brings me all these items in a bag by the 27th of April will recieve a p
Lady Darkara

Message 8: [Apr 20 01:53] happy 420 everyone =) (JodahlV)

Happy 420 everyone(just to clarify things it may be hitlers birthday but I
celebrate in disgrace)

Best of wishes on the day from Gonji..
.err Jodah heh

Message 9: [Apr 19 23:12] RE: Rion (Haruon)

Heehee its not like I haven't been frozen before...


PS: Why not just take out the 'withdraw' command all together? I never seen it w
ork on players anyways

Message 10: [Apr 19 16:32] RE: Mandessa, Withdraw and FREEZING (Anarcist)

To whom it may concern,

Many have used the withdraw command to level in the past.
With the exp cap in effect it is an advantage, yet the withdraw command isnt
much of an advantage if the exp cap was removed.
Moreover, I cant see people getting frozen for such a thing,
I mean seriously it doesnt seem to be that much of an issue
at higher levels. From what I have seen at levels 17 on up
it only gives from what i have observed 1-2k per withdraw.
So at those levels and higher it really wouldnt aid much
I admit I tried it out in the past, I know the what it does.
But of course there are other ways to power level as well.
Although at low levels they arent as fast, at higher levels
they are more effective. They are also just basic battling.
It just depends on what you battle I guess.
However, I implore that players are not frozen for this.
It is a command that was put in the game long ago, it isnt a bug
It is just an outdated command that may need some revising or
limits set to it. Like a person can only withdraw every
30 seconds or so. Or for now get the command disabled so that
it can not be used. Otherwise I am sure people will use it.
It doesnt seem fair that a player is frozen for something
that is coded into the game, and isnt a bug it was intentionally
put into the mud to do its exact effect. If anything the people
who figured it out should be commended for being able to come up
with a creative use of commands and resources. I mean after
all they have to have a high level mage, and they need decent
sorry about the formatting
They also need high level cleric with good mana, etc..
They also have to show that they know the mud and know the
limits of their abilities, and know how to find ways to level
the playing field as it is today. I mean right now we have alot
of people whom have VERY unfair advantages, god loaded eq,
extra abilities, meld weapons, buffed up equipment, and favoritism
These things are affecting players everyday, and they are visible
They arent some weak command that only helps lowbies level
At any rate these are my thoughts on this issue, take them
for what they are worth.
Thanks for reading..
Anarcist, Malik, Durand, Phoenix, Nightshade

Message 11: [Apr 19 13:43] Re: Withdraw (Rion)

It's not a bug, not even in a roleplay context. It might've been something
that wasn't thought about beforehand. If this were true, it would've been
changed at some point in the last, what, six years? Longer? I don't know,
but it was coded long before I got here.

You don't get the full experience cap, so it's related to absolutely nothing
that is new.

Further, it should logically be this way from a roleplay sense as well. If
someone is charming a mob, they are taking over their brain. The charmer can
make the charmee do stupid things, whether it is moral or not.

There's a coder alive and well and paying attention. It's up to him to fix
it. If Mandessa wishes to freeze mortals, that's another issue. She has the
power, so she can. Wanna annoy a god? Get frozen as a consequence! But that's
a whole other issue.


Message 12: [Apr 19 13:03] My 2 cents. (Eldar)

The "bug" isnt really a bug. some people put there heads together and figured ou
t a way to powr level a char. although it is a cheap way of doing things, it is
not a bug. all it is, is a simple use a different commands that as a result make
char gain expe

with that said i am somewhat amazed it took me this long long to figure it out.
the only way to stop this problem is tell the people who are doing it, which is
only a very small number. or change the code. but because it is perfectly leagal
way of doing t
things, its just a cheap way. i cant see how everyone would be frozen for doing

i have had one of my chars frozen for doing this, i will stop of course. i just
dont see this as a "bug" in the code because everyting being done has been done
before, just no one noticed, or even cared.

i started rambling so..... thats all


Message 13: [Apr 19 12:17] Withdraw (JodahlV)

Way I see it players are quite capable of using
any command they are capable of using and Mandessa
is capable of freezing peeple in return for using
it until it has been its best to play
it safe or hope Mandessa is looking(or is just a
not caring at the time*removes last a on last line*)

Message 14: [Apr 19 11:43] Re: Mandessa (Motorola)

Players are allowed to do whatever the game lets them. A bug by definition
is a mistake and does not belong as part of the game, therefore it is
illegal to use a bug to your advantage.


Message 15: [Apr 19 07:11] Re: Mandessa (Rion)

I agree with you on the cheapness of the method of leveling. But there are a
couple counterpoints I wish you to think about.

First off, Sin made it clear nothing that a mortal can do without any divine
help should be wrong. If a mortal can do it, a mortal can do it. It's always
been his mission to create a self-standing game that requires no mortal reg-
ulations outside of the hard code.

The second point, which is somewhat funny... The withdraw command has been
around much longer than I have even existed. If anyone remembers the old
player, Uranus, he used to charm the chief flind and level his characters
by ordering them to withdraw. Naka did it as well. Nateling, that guy with
a bunch of level 21 thieves, also a product of this method.

No matter what code exists, there will be ways to take advantage of it. I
could write you a mile-long list, but that would be broadcasting it and then
others will take advantage of it. That's rather bad. So, you could have add-
ressed the issue privately, but now everyone who reads this board will know
how to cheaply gain experience.

The bubble burster,


Message 16: [Apr 18 16:44] Withdraw combat bug (Mandessa)

Anyone caught using the withdraw combat bug will be frozen, no questions
asked. This has been going on for a very long time and hardly anyone does
anything about it. The game coders cannot anticipate every outcome of any
command put into the game. If it looks wrong, it probably is. Please stop
using this method to power level your characters or the characters of your

Message 17: [Apr 18 04:39] Not afraid to die... funny (Haruon)

Heehee Aesir are you one of those suicide bombers...? that hasn't really suicide
anyways, afraid to die or not, the results is still the same, its not like anyon
e gives a damn if you fellars aren't afraid to die, the point is that
your dead


Message 18: [Apr 17 19:26] ATTN: Sin/Rivin (Bjorn)

Dear Sin/Rivin.
Or anyone with the power to delete.
I would like you to delete me. I have waited for longer than 6
months to be purged and i still havn't. i would like
to also use this name again. So would you please
delete me. Thanks
the Bear

Message 19: [Apr 17 19:26] Ouch (Bjorn)

We want to express our humble gratuity for your generous donation of 29679
gold to our society. It is because of nice people like you that we can
continue to service the world. -The Phantom Society

Message 20: [Apr 17 17:10] ASCENSION (Loial)

VIVA LA RESISTANCE! Do not get cocky about killing Tic.

Message 21: [Apr 17 15:56] ASCENSION (Rince)

watch your backs ascension. You will fall, and the landing will be hard

Message 22: [Apr 17 13:37] ASCENSION and the thrill of the hunt (Aesir)

i killed a thief named Tic..i stole his things..hes not getting them back..if th
is offends some of you either do something about it ro dont waste my time

to my brothers in arms...Tic was a member of masamune..for what thats worth..the
re is no war with them presently but i suppose you
will bear the brunt of my careful..kill like your not afraid to die

Message 23: [Apr 15 23:21] Kiljia's entry for Buzan's quest (Kiljia)

Before you is the Queen of The Sapphire People, known as Queen Nakira.
She bears the markings of royalty and leadership. She sits upon a sapphire encru
sted throne and is attended by many pages and nobles.
She stares at you with ice blue eye and long, jet black hair, daring you to chal
lenge her.
In her left hand, she holds the legendary Black Pearl which is the symbol of her
upcoming marriage.
the Godetan Phylactery
A Sapphire is emitting light
a Sapphire ring
A Sapphire necklace
A Sapphire necklace
The Sapphire Crown
A Sapphire skirt
Sapphire treds
Sapphire mitts
Sapphire sleeves
Sapphire bracelet
Sapphire bracelet
Sapphire Dagger
A Black Pearl

Message 24: [Apr 15 01:34] FROM SNOOP, REguarding PK Events (Anarcist)

Sorry about not being able to post this myself, but as you can see my actions ha
ve caused this chain of events to happen.
the reason i'm not posting myself is because of the swarming amount of questions
i'll recieve if i log on myself
so i'm having this done through a different medium.
anyways, for my actions, i take full responsibility for killing another noble, a
nd accept the terms of my punishment
but with that being said, was it really necessary to be pked by an immortal char
i apologize for killing Rum, but not any other character with a "Masamune" tag,
if it wasn't for Kerith's actions more would be dead today
but the method behind the madness is this
when your trying to make a statement, you find the biggest bastard on the opposi
ng team and you kick the snot out of them, i don't enjoy killing weak players, i
ts a waste of time and energy
so Rum being the only person my actions reflected that.
So in short, i apologize for killing Rum, but no other masamune, nor will my fee
lings toward them change anytime soon
I guess its ok for children for throw tantrums, but when an adult does its sets
a bad example, i also apologize for that
Also, why are people who aren't involved in this matter posting their opinions?
also why is Cyrix talking last time i checked i pk'ed Rum not Cyrix, next time y
ou feel like talking why don't you leave the adult table and let Popna do the ta
lking for you
thats about all i have to say
To cap it all off, as stated before I apologize to Rum for pking her/him (not re
ally sure)"
-N.W.A. -

Message 25: [Apr 14 00:37] Newbie Quest (Buzan)

Costume Quest
This is a quest where you chose a scene
Any scene of your choice, be it samurai, ninja, knight, king, magi
You can also pick legendary fairy tale heros such as King Arthur, Odin, Merlin,
What you need to do is to find the right eq that best fits your scene
Then post it on the public board for people to see, a bonus will be added if you
add in character descriptions and depending on how rare the item is
you will be marked on it. The point of this quest is not to find the most eq, bu
t to find the best fitting costumes for your character
You will be marked differently depending on how hard the scene you chose is.
For example, if I chose to be a magic user my entry could be:
This man is wearing a gray robe, and in his hand he wields a staff, he seems to
be surrounded by a powerful aura
However, his body is so frail judging by the fact that he is leaning on his staf
a lightning orb
gray leather tunic
gray trousers
leather gloves
spell pouch
a staff
book of spell components

Of course these items in the example are made up (like I'm gonna find all those
hocus pocus just for an example)
but your entry has to be items that loads in the mud, this is the chance to test
you knowledge and creativity

You'll have a week till the quest closes


PS: Only medievil scenes allowed, we don't want terminators and jedi knights :P

Message 26: [Apr 13 19:54] Let this post end it (Rion)

First off, if anyone closely read my post, I'm not quitting. Most of you are
jumping to conclusions and creating facts just to pretend you are making a
bit of sense. I suppose I have to clarify:

There will no longer be Kerith. There may be mortals, new and old, but there
is no Kerith. I will no longer be a part of the system, it does not mean I
will not enjoy the game. How I decide to enjoy it is up to me, and me alone.

A big reason for my lack of caring and deciding to sacrifice Kerith is that
I do not plan on spending much time doing things other than attending to
certain people in my real life, attending school, and doing other things
called responsibilities. Now that there are bills to pay it puts things in

I just have to address Anarcist here. You are hilarious, hook up with Dennis
Miller, really. You even told a player you've been playing for over eleven
years. Check the history pal, you haven't been here that long, nobody has.
Sin was a mortal at that time, and you (or Kingfish) weren't either. Your
facts are blurry and you are stating them without any sort of proof to back
them up. Undoubtedly you also think I was not going to read them, and since
I'm the only one who can truthfully counter them, you felt it the best move.
Such are scum, such always scummy.

I don't know who this Narc dude is, but pal, if you're going to exercise
civil disobedience, atleast have the stones to make your name clear. Other-
wise you're just a shallow critic. Are you scared of something?

As for Motorola. He's a great guy, he's admirable and respectable. Un-
fortunately, I disagree with his philosophy. I tried to explain in my last
post but I'm unsure if anyone really understood. We don't get along, that's
pretty much it. I think all the mortals should listen to him, his intentions
are great.

And for the record:

No bridge shall glow behind me, nor war fought in my name. I shall last for
eternity, but my presence shan't do the same. I'm here, I'm gone, and it's
the same old song. When you think you float freely, you must remember that
all roads lead to Nilgiri. If anything else makes do, that is not what I
planned for you. Bring peace or war but on your own time, seek power and
fame, but not on my dime. I shall see you all in passing, but I'm not worth
your sassing. It all ends here, as there is no future to fear.



Message 27: [Apr 13 19:50] re: kerith (Mandessa)

What's all this bloody nonsense about keeping Kerith? He hasn't really
left and he hasn't been demoted, to my knowledge. Sometimes people
just need a break from this place. Give it a rest, he'll be back.

Message 28: [Apr 13 16:39] Kerith's Choice .. Re: Rathe and others (Anarcist)

Well Rathe,
First off you did make some excellent points about other people.
Kerith was no saint however, and yes he has bolted quite a few people.
Regardless of whom Rion killed, guess what he killed and shouldnt have.
His characters by his own admission were loaded eq that he did not earn.
His reasoning was to "test" it out.
Fine with me on that one, but to pk with eq that is only for "testing"
purposes is wrong. Especially if you preach about how others get unfair perks.
Sorry this is grammar correct, nor format correct but I am not at home.
I am mudding on telnet for today.
Grammar shouldnt mean anything, and some valid points were made by Narc.
Bottom line, just ask Ryder aka Pandora aka Fear has stated.
Kerith aka Gelu has quit a few times and has always come back.
I dont know were you people are getting the information from but no one
has banned him from playing here.
He was relieved of some of his powers, which was a fair and just punishment for
attacking mortals with god equiped characters, and also for abusing his powers
and removing eq from a mortal to make his pk on that mortal easier
bottomline it is his CHOICE to leave nilgiri and it will be his choice to come b
Thanks for all who read my posts..

Message 29: [Apr 13 16:24] Who really gives a F--- about Kerith? (Ryder)

all of you posting messages in response to kerith should stop. as usual when thi
ngs dont go his way he claims to quit. this isnt the first time he has done thi
when i killed his cleric he disband order only to restablish it the next day..he
always quits. and he always comes back
its a fact. so we can all stop posting messages in support or otherwise.
secondly, if you dont like my spelling/grammar or subject matter go f--- yoursel

Pandora, the hellbound saint

Message 30: [Apr 13 15:05] RE: Rathe (Buzan)

Anyways, I'll just go around replying to a feeew points because you did make a f
ew good ones
1. Correct grammar doesn't matter that much unless your an english freak as long
as people get the point I think its fine :P
2. you talked to few players not most players
3. Any of his earned characters can kill most of Nilgiri true, but its not about
his abilities, its about how he earned it
4. I know someone who soloed Tiamat, Gabriel did and if Gabriel can solo Tiamat
then alot of other people can, Tiamats not that hard ya know?
5. Counter to magic resist - dispel magic on a weapon and its no more magic
and lastly
I just don't like you :P
anyways I kind of liked Kerith, I think he should be just demoted for the least,
no one should be banned from playing such a wonderful game


Message 31: [Apr 13 14:41] Re : Narc (Rathe)

Lots to say about what was posted
First up I just wish that Narc could use correct grammar when he is
going to bash someone such as he did. It just makes you look smarter
My guess is people want Kerith to stay because he was liked
by most people on the MUD. I've talked with a few of the players and
they all seem to like him and think he's cool. For the record he didn't
load me one piece of equipment. And I was one of the biggest "nut
huggers as you stated.

He bolted no one. I've talked with him about this. He has joked around
with Buzan and bolting, but Buzan knows that Kerith is kidding. And I
know that any of his earned characters that he had before Kerith could
destroy most of the players on Nilgiri.

I don't know anyone that was sick of Kerith. Sure there were people who
didn't like him. But everyone has someone they don't like. You might not
like me for stating fact. Again Narc I am saddened at your lack of grammar
skills, it's like you're in the second grade. And about the fast leveling
that took
place, it's called killing things.

Remember he is and Immortal, and knows how to play this MUD.

You must know the stats on his characters if you are saying that the areas he
coded were for them. I have yet to hear of someone soloing Tiamat. Do you
know of anyone who has? The non detect for mage naturals is good. If you
want to be non detect be a mage. It's like not being able to multi class to a dr
And the magic resist is a stupid perk anyways. That makes it hard for everyone
who spells to attack them if it's there. Think logically when you try to say
something to bash someone. And it's people like you who have screwed this
MUD up the ass with your ranting about false information. And maybe he
coded what he thought was cool, or liked. Coding something that you,
yourself would like to explore is a crime? And I don't know about any one
who actually knew Kerith, but I miss him.

For the record 24 of Rion's player kills were Fear. Kerith was frozen for
three days for this. On another note, Osihii is no mortal at all. She is
simply a god in Druid form. She can GOTO. A power that should be
only for Immortals, but somehow is given to a mortal. I want to know
what guild I learn that in, because I would love to GOTO a lot of people.

Now for Anarcist, this will be shorter. Immortals have always interfered.
I.e. Zephyr. Don't tell me she hasn't.

I urge you all to reply to this.
The Exalted Thief,

Rathe Erhobenes

Message 32: [Apr 13 12:27] RE: Gods, Pkings, blame rules! (Anarcist)

Well, some of the points in the past 2 posts are good points, though not well wr
itten or well voiced.
Also, Rum you are Snoop are mortals, gods pking mortals is alot different than m
ortals pking mortals
Also there was more behind the incident that just you and snoop, others were att
empted to be pked.
Sadly this realm has seen a rise in pk, however this is a pk mud
As a pk mud goes, it is restricted and limited here.
Gods should not interfere with mortals the way they do around here.
Gods never used to interfer and they shouldnt now. You should not see a god bolt
ing someone for voicing an unpopular view.
You should not see a god removing eq from a mortal and then using a god equiped
mortal to kill the normal mortal for any reason
Favors should not be granted upon friendships between gods and mortals
Favors can be earned but not granted, ie quests etc
There in the past here on Nilgiri was a rule, a simple rule.
Gods even with there own mortals characters, can not playerkill mortals..
This rule changed over time, Gods must have approval of Sin or Rivin of someone
of the high powers to playerkill a mortal
Then it became a simple level issue, level 25 imm/gods can pk but should do it i
n a rare case.
I guess that is the current ruling, but what I find strange is that if you reall
y look some gods mortals have numerous pks
Rion has 26 (almost as many as pandora) which makes Rion #2 in playerkills on th
is mud
Sorian has 4, and Jorin has 2
Those arent soo bad but 26 pks?
Others who have been mentioned Osihii with pussa is credited with 10 pks and I k
now of at least one more incident where Pussa pked a player so that makes 11 bet
ween that team.
No offense but those sound like abuse of power to me. I think the rules on pk an
d gods interfering with mortals should be revised
This seems to be the general opinion mud wide.
But hey thats just my polling of the situation, maybe someone else can see somet
hing different.
I am not writing this to place blame, I am more so writing this to point out why
some people are soo bitter around here.
thank you for reading ... Malik,Cappy= Durand, Phoenix, Nightshade, Pueblo, Anar

Message 33: [Apr 13 03:09] My thoughts (Narc)

Why is everyone wanting Kerith to stay?? Rum I can understand he
stood in on your behalf even though he had no business doing so.
The rest of you must be his loyal "nut huggers" that follow him around
kissing his ass so he loads you equipment and does you favors all
for making him feel important by talking to him.

Using your God char to get involved in a situation that doesn't concern you
is bad enough using your God char to bolt another well respected char
just because you are to much of a pussy to fight him alone is almost a
capital offense.

Kerith everyone was already sick of you, your non stop loading of equipment
your high level chars that you never earned, your bossy attitude
like you can actually tell someone what to do because we know in your
real life you are such a powerhouse everyone must bow to your presence.
How sorian is a level 22 before that war with masamune started suddenly he
is now 27 with 73 dam so cyrix can't see you and you are free to pk anyone
in the clan. How rion was pk'ed 20+ times by pandora suddenly in less
than a couple weeks rion is now 28 convinent since the highest mage is 27
so that means you can see everyone now. How when you were using
druids jorin was leveling like nobodies business what was that level 27
in less than a month with exp cap in effect?? I wish we all had such
zones to run and equipment to find that you seem to.

How you code things to specifically benefit your chars. And take out everything
that doesn't directly help you. Take out non detect for non mage naturals
now you can see glowboy and gabriel, take out magic resist from dwarfs
so you didn't have to worry about the high level dwarf thieves like pandora
killing you anymore. You have screwed this mud up the ass with your
general moronic mood swings and your coding "to benefit you only".
Good riddance hopefully you never come back because you won't be missed.


Message 34: [Apr 12 16:49] RE: Kerith, support demotion etc (Anarcist)

Well Kerith has done some good things and some bad things, he and I have never r
eally seen eye to eye.
But as he said in his message he really isnt being demoted he isnt losing his ra
nk so much as he is not being a coder.
Kerith is a good builder and I am sure he will be around to build more in the fu
ture when he deems it time to do so.
Also I do agree some Mortal's have waaay to much power for their own good. I wil
l mention no names but there are a few of you out there and you know I am talkin
g about you.
However, this has always been the case on Nilgiri, Rob, The Thumps' and Ishmeal
(pardon the spelling my memory is bad)
These were all examples of past powers that went on to become legends.
Now I dont agree with gods using mortal characters to kill people , this is inju
stice because they have many
unfair advantages with their god character.
If you are a god, you should not be trying to extract justice with your mortal c
Nor, should you abuse power to freeze of bolt people, of course this happens alo
t on nilgiri and many are guilty of it.
again please excuse the bad formatting I am on via telnet
Having said all this, I look forward to see Kerith around in the future, and I a
m sure he will make a return as all who make an impression on Nilgiri eventually
It's like that old proverb - Time is like a river and history is doomed to repea
t itself.
This is always the case on Nilgiri and it I am sure will be the case again.
However, If I am wrong, I would like to say to Kerith, no hard feelings from me,
we have been friends, we have been enenmies,
We have been Teacher and student the roles reversed and you became god and I sta
yed mortal.
I am glad to have been the one who helped you level, I can say that someone I he
lped raise became a god.
I also know that I was one of your major supporters and guides as you learned th
e realm of Nilgiri as a newbie leveling up
For this I say you actaully accomplished more here than I have in some ways.
Congratz and best wishes for the future Malik, Anarcist, Durand aka Cappy, Puebl
o, Phoenix, Nightshade.

Message 35: [Apr 12 11:43] Notice of Sorts (Kerith)

The situation I am in is rather weird and probably seems funny to someone
who does not understand exactly what is going on. As it stands right now,
the decision has been made for I, Kerith, to resign from all duties and
responsibilities entrusted to me as an immortal of the realm. As conse-
quence, Clan Order will need to be dismantled. Coding projects were already
suspended, and will not continue. Building is on hold indefinitely, as
my ability will remain but I choose not to use it.

I have never agreed to the ideologies of gameplay that many administrators
have, which made my stay a great controversy, from start to end. My end
is not a result of that disagreement, but merely a motion to cease my
need to be involved in the administration of this land. I simply ask that
they realize most of our conflicts are indeed a matter of ideology, and the
conduct is positive or negative based on that perception.

I always felt Nilgiri is what the players make of it, and you can change
Nilgiri by changing the player environment, and sometimes the players
themselves. Many decisions of mine were not the best, but I have no regrets,
because my intentions were always good. This is what I reflect upon, the
good intentions of everyone here, whether or not conflict was a result.

Recently, I sacrificed my integrity to Nilgiri in order to prove my int-
egrity and loyalty to a long time friend. In terms of administration this
was a great error. However, in the situation I have found myself in, relieved
of responsibility, I acted subjectively on what I willed to be justice. I
know what I did was right to certain people, and I shall look at it as a
positive movement that people will remember the good in. Regardless, it
only clearly defines what must be done, and that is the termination of my
position here.

There shall be no war in my name. It is quite clear how I feel about some
issues currently taking place in the realm. At times when emotion was high
I willed a "statement" that is rather unnecessary. Some of you will see the
need to do something, but what must be done must be a matter of diplomacy
and voice... more than combat and blood. I guarantee it will reach a deeper
level with authorities, speak to them, they have assured me they will listen.

As a final act as the sponsor of Clan Order, I announce to the realm that
no member of Clan Order shall join Ascension, Stars, or Red. They are open
to other clans. Some are arranged to join Chaos and Masamune, I wish them
my best. The Clan Hall will become a public place near Catharsis, it will
be a museum of sorts, and will offer only aesthetic and nostalgic benefit.

I am sure I will be around here and there to keep up with all of you, as I
have appreciated the time spent. If it was not for the mortals, there would
be no Nilgiri, and no points to be deciphered from this message.

Take care, everyone,


Message 36: [Apr 10 22:32] lost bag (Aestii)

Someone lost a bag of holding, there's not much in it, judging from stuff in the
re I suspect it's a newbie's. erm, tell me or any chaos member what's in there t
o get your bag back.
-Aestii Valis.

Message 37: [Apr 10 11:42] [QUEST] The Great Rabid Rabbit Escapade (Mandessa)

Hopping madly throughout the realm is an army of chocolate bunny rabbits
who are on their way to hide their basket's contents in the realm in rabid
anticipation for the coming of the springtime festival. A long-held belief
by those suffering from culinary madness has been that these rabbits are
the best to be used in all sorts of culinary masterpieces. Only once per
year do these rabbit come out of their hiding spots and scamper all over
the realm to do their little deed, to announce the coming of springtime
and deliver baskets of eggs for all children.

If you're under level 10, I suggest that you group with other people, as
these rabbits aren't too friendly when someone is trying to steal their
basket of goods.

Should you accept the task to thwart them in their horribly happy mission
to bring joy and presents to little children, you must kill these ghastly
abominations, steal their baskets, and eat their eggs. The eggs won't last
beyond today, so you'd better find these things quick. Each egg will yield
one of many prizes. Most of the eggs are food, but some will contain tiny
trinkets like gold, potions, chocolate, etc. If you are lucky enough to
find one that contains a blue silk ribbon, the ribbon may be exchanged for
one the following:

- a rabbit-shaped pitcher (3x better than a wooden bucket)
- a snowglobe rabbit lamp (a light)
- rabbit fur-lined gloves (basic armor)
- a lucky rabbit's foot (a dose of randomality)

Any level player may participate, but only those who are below level 21 may
claim a prize should they be lucky enough to find one of the ribbons. No one
player may claim more than one prize. Quest ends when all the ribbons have
been found, or when the mud reboots/crashes.

Message 38: [Apr 10 09:44] <<<*S.T.A.R.S*>>> clan object (Mandessa)

The <<<*S.T.A.R.S*>>> clan is a player run clan. If you are in possession of the
crystal talisman, I would request that you return it by mudmail to me. It's most
an inactive clan from what I've seen. I know two clans have possession of the
<<<*S.T.A.R.S*>>> clan talisman. I see no reason why either of you are
holding onto it.

Message 39: [Apr 06 17:41] Lord Snoop (Rion)

Lord Snoop, you have made an awful mistake. You became a traitor with the
killing of Lady Rum. Beyond that, you killed another noble. Justice has
been served and I killed you. I'll return your equipment when I see you
again, I did not want to leave it on the floor of the temple for everyone
to take.

I want an apology on this board to Lady Rum and the Masamune Clan. If this
does not happen, we will not be finished.


PS: All that equipment I lent you, including the dagger, you will not be
getting back. I tossed it in the dump.

Message 40: [Apr 06 10:11] Re: Mandessa re: change (Kerith)

Essentially what Mandessa did was smoothly tell you that your arguments are
futile but her arguments would improve the game. Her point of improving the
game is no more or less important than anyone else's point of improving the
game. The intention of most players who hang around is to have a better
place to have more fun in. Repetition becomes boring, change is wanted, but
there is a conflict in the change. There is a need for more challenge, but
what has already been earned cannot be risked (in the mortal's mind).

In our current system, risk sets you back and makes the work harder to
resume progressing. The only way to truly "have fun" is to have all the
worries of losing your status disappear. Otherwise you are just a stuffy
leveler who doesn't want anything to do with anyone so long as they can
continue leveling and gathering better equipment. This is 20% code fault,
but 80% player fault.

Murder by another player is not removing anyone from the game, this is
something that seems to have been forgotten by most people. You respawn
for a reason, so you can come back and, if you so choose, get revenge.
Is that not a great summary of medieval times? When in this world you are
not entering the 20th century of peace and common good. Sure, there are
scholarly folk and noble-hearts, but they should be a minority. Dwelling
on a misfortune rather than doing something to overcome it is weak, and
if there is a way to "lose" the game of Nilgiri, in my mind that is it.

The game is coded so that changes can be made easily. If an issue becomes
so front-burner, someone will notice. This also falls back on the players,
so when Jenda speaks up, it is not productive for an immortal to tell him
his intentions are futile. Jenda had good intentions, and is seeking the
improvement for generations to come. If those changes do not come, it does
not take away Jenda's good intentions... and that needs to be what matters.

As for grouping, just yesterday I saw eight people all band together to
try to conquer the Sky Tower. They were interested in the pure exploration
of it. On the flip side, I had to provide temporary silver crosses and
put no-take on the objects... it was simply so they could explore. But,
they had an interest in doing so, and the good intention of gaining know-
ledge of areas. Is that not what we want? What I am saying is players want
to group, but there are not that many opportunities to do so.

Why do players not want to group? It generally means it will be a risky
situation if they must group... leveling alone is pretty safe. Is that
necessarily the reason?

What can Sin and Rivin do to fix things? What can Natedog and I do?
After you lay out all the code issues, and we John Kerry on a bunch of
ideas (and get nowhere), you need to ask yourself, what can I as a mortal
do to help?

I personally think you learn best from hind sight, so undoing everything
and trying again will create a more refined, appreciated system.


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