DikuMUD Nilgiri is a game born on the net and is free to play if you have the time and perseverance. Its upkeep is taken care of by those who have a love for the game. So login, give it a try and explore this superficial world as only a mythical being can.

Try our Java based web client:


Traditionally, Nilgiri is a telnet game played through a telnet client. Instead of using the Java web based client above, some players choose to download a telnet client or a MUD client to login with because of special features built in specifically for MUD playing such as split screen, aliasing and triggers.

There are more advance players (and new people who do not know any better) that do not use a client and telnet straight into the mud.

You can also just try to type in a (DOS, Unix or other) shell:

telnet nilgiri.mythril.com 8888

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