by Grabelli

The Dragon's eyes, dark as death
Peered deep into my swirling soul
It's pearly teeth gleamed gold in the flame
I lay on the floor crippled and lame

I caught a whiff of its fiery breath
That threatened my life like the sickle of death
I felt in my hand a fist full of sand
I wished the magi hadn?t been banned

As an attempt to obscure the dragons sight
I wanted to throw it with all my might
In trying to blind him, I would?ve been killed
A man throwing sand, he would?ve been thrilled

I looked around for a weapon to be used
A lance would be nice, I longingly mused
The dragon backed up and reared its head
Then it looked down at me and said:

I see in your soul a bottomless hole
You?re on the edge, you legs may give
You?re falling, you?re flying, you?re out of control
It is I who decides if you shall live

You will not die, you?ll walk once more
You?ll remember a gift from a dragon
When you see one drunk to the core
You?ll help them throw out the flagon

I wept for my children, I wept for my wife
The king of the dragons would grant me my life
And so I walk, and do my best
I help those in need, that is my quest

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