Icestorm, A Wizard's Concience
by Saidge

Caught in haste, a world of vivid slow motion
Tears of red rip silently accross aquatic spears of death.
Tornado swirl of fiery ice shreds it's way through bloodied flesh.
Daggers of darkest moon sweeps from them the shard of life.
Vibrant eyes grow cold as night,
While wicked moments sloth slowly by.
Thorns of blood drenched ice melt their way through the wind,
Leaving litte of my bittered foes behind to die.
I shed a tear cold on my cheek,
Such a brutal death to live and lie.
Pools of blood fillng fast,
Rain of flesh and remains of bone,
There they lie in unknowing death,
Not given a chance to gasp one last breath.
Bits of corpse and spattered vein accross my lip
I taste of them what little is left.
Is this right or is this wrong?
To kill the evil with something so brutal,
So strong.
I wipe the tear shed from my cheek.
As I think of those who'd smile sadistically,
I stare down at those bits I see,
Frown spread accross my face.
Can't stand these thoughts of ice in me,
And so I make this choice for all to see.
I swear off that spell with a starlit streak,
Never again shall it strike at those I seek.

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