by Aidon

I am spiraling downwards
Into the darkness whence I came
No light, no sustenance
Only shifting shadows that keep me alive.
A whisper echoes off the luminous walls
A pebble drops into a deep well
The silhouette of a figure dances along the edges of my mind
Asking me if I am just visiting or here to stay.
I wake up and nothing is as it seems
The flowers are strange, yet wondrous
The landscape, carved of unfamiliar terrain, slopes around me
The laughter of children fade into the horizon.
I am caught in a web, but not one of silken threads
Snared like a fly, as I fall from grace
I am torn in every direction but the one I want to go in
The shape of the world is lost forever in the struggle.
A deep sadness wells up, 
Drowning my inner thoughts, suffocating me.
Escape is the bitterness of the last frost,
Sinking its teeth into the very nature of my soul.

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