by Aidon

Breathless, I stumble through the briar patch
Sharp thorns piercing and tearing at my flesh
The blood from my wounds feeding the moist soil
Salty stream of tears raining onto the earth below.
The call of the wild loon echoes across the placid lake,
A cacophony of wings takes flight into the sky.
Silence surrounds a cautious heartbeat
My reflection in the lake is your image looking back at me.
Standing on the banks with my arms outstretched,
Nothing comes, not even an airy breeze.
The billowy clouds darken overhead
Patters of rain cascade down upon my forehead.
In the distance, the druids chant of a time long ago
Where the beasts were mightier than the sword
A time of hope and wonderment, but all that is cast aside
Only futility and angst remain.

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