by Rayna

Im not usually a woman of many words, but I think I 
can make an exception here. I was born to a rather 
poor family in Tokugawa roughly 47 years ago. When I 
was of nine years my father, a fisherman, left one day 
to take my mother to a the Temple of Tadaki to be 
blessed before she gave birth to my unborn sibling, 
but they never returned. I fear their journey was 
ended by the deadly insects that inhabit the pathway 
there. Anyways, when I came to the realization they 
werent returning I left in search of them. By some 
miracle I reached the temple unscathed only to find it 
vacant of my parents. As I wept for them Kerisa, a 
guard of the temple, came and comforted me. She later 
fostered me and my desire to learn the clerical ways. 
She would train me during the evenings and I would 
spend the days studying and praying to the Goddess for 
her wisdom. Eventually, as I became more and more 
powerful I decided to venture forth from the safety of 
the temple to seek out others to train with and learn 
from. I met up with many interesting people, some who 
would forsake you in a heartbeat for a chance at 
obtaining your possessions and others who would risk 
life and limb to help you.  Of the latter were Rion 
also a cleric, who had acquired a level of knowledge I 
could only hope to one day know, Jade, a druid who 
wouldnt hesitate to lay down her life for me if the 
occasion ever arose, and Barkeman, an immortal who 
couldnt aid me against physical danger lest he break 
the laws of the immortals, but would always be there 
to aid me through any other hardships I would endure. 
I thank the Goddess to have such friends as these as I 
make my way through this realm. 

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