by Hind

Hind was born late at night on the day of the Sun, the last day of the Month of
the Great Evil in the year 199.
He was the bastard child of the Black Knight and Kardis, who wanted their spawn
to spread darkness over Jora and turn all the forces of good away for all
eternity. With this goal in mind, they placed Hind in the care of the Olaangis
to be raised by him. The Olaangis was to teach him the ways of evil until Hind
was ready to take on his dark assignment. The Olaangis kept Hind locked away in
the dark tower in Pendor so that he should not be influenced by anything but the
evil ways of the Olaangis.
Kilgor was brought to Pendor to teach Hind the dark secrets of evil warriors.
Hind learned tactics and strategy and also all the weaknesses of good men.
The Olaangis also thought him how to best use the services of other classes,
mainly the thieves and black magic mages.
When Hind was about sixteen years old, the Olaangis decided it was time to teach
his evil pupil about torture, enslavement and genocide. He brought many
different creatures to Pendor and started to demonstrate for Hind how to cause
as much pain and suffering as possible.
At first, Hind was facinated by the awesome effects of torture, and the Olaangis
grinned to himself and felt that his work was nearly done.
After a while he brought a young elven girl to the tower to let Hind practice on
the many unspeakable acts of evil, but as Hind approched the fair maiden he
noticed that the girl looked at him calmly with pity, not fear, in her eyes. He
could not understand how this could be, because all the other creatures had
screamed in horror as they saw their life was about to end.
Hind hesitated and told the Olaangis he was tired from all the practice.
He said that he would get some sleep, and that he would commence with the 
torture the next day. The Olaangis accepted his excuse, as he too was tired.
They chained the elven girl to the wall in a dark cell and went to bed.

However, Hind could not sleep as he kept thinking about the calmness and pity he
had felt from the fragile little girl.
Late at night he went to her to ask how she could feel pity for him who was
about to inflict so much pain on her.
He quietly locked himself into the cell, and as he appoached the girl, she 
smiled at him. Hind who had led a life of darkness, had never seen anyone smile 
before, and it sent a warm feeling through his cold body. He sat down on the 
floor and started to talk to the girl. As the dark hours of the night went by, 
Hind heard the fair elven girl talk about the world outside. She talked about 
love and compassion, peace and family. Hind realized that he had never known any
of these things, and that he had never seen his own family. He knew that his 
parents had left him in the hands of the dark and cold Olaangis, and suddenly he
felt very sad. He felt a strange longing deep inside. He wanted to experience 
love and understanding. He wanted to see the beautiful flowers and butterflies 
of the Tharen Forest that the girl had been talking about. He wanted to have a 
family of his own, and he asked the little girl to show him this strange world 
of which she was speaking. She smiled at him once again and it sent waves of 
warmth through his body. He set the girl free and they quietly headed for the 
exit. Unfortunately, the Olaangis had problems sleeping that night, maybe his 
stomach was upset after eating too many children the day before or maybe he 
sensed something was awry.
Anyhow, the Olaangis awoke and went to check on the elven girl. When he saw that
the celldoor was open and the girl was missing he ran to Hind's bedroom to wake
him up. Naturally, he could not find Hind and slowly he began to realize what 
had happened. As the Olaangis let out a mighty roar of rage and dissapointment 
that echoed through the tower, Hind understood that their escape would not be an
easy one. He hid the girl in a closet and turned to face his evil mentor.

The Olaangis charged towards Hind and they fought a long and furious battle. 
Even though Hind had been trained by the best, he was forced to retreat with 
large bleeding wounds and poison running through his veines. As the Olaangis was
about to send Hind over the edge of the tower, the little girl came running out
from her place of hiding and attacked the Olaangis from behind. Sadly, the girl 
was no match for the mighty Olaangis, and with one hard whip of the spiked tail 
he sent her slamming into the wall where the little girl collapsed lifelessly on
the floor. When Hind saw this it ignited a rage so wild and ferocious inside him
that he drove the Olaangis back into the innermost prisoncell of the tower. But 
when the Olaangis was cornered, he too got renewed strength as he was was 
fighting for his life, and Hind had to flee again.
Still, he managed to grab the key to the large iron door and he slammed it shut
and locked the Olaangis inside. The Olaangis threw himself at the door, trying
to break it down, but it was just to sturdy to break through.
At last Hind was safe, and he ran towards the elven girl still lying on the cold
stone floor. He lifted her lifeless body and carried her down the stairs and out
of the tower where he placed her on the ground and tried to take care of her 
wounds. Sadly, healing had not been a part of his evil training and so, the
little girl died in his arms. With her last breath, she managed to whisper: 
"Please, do not let my death be in vain. Seek out the city of Subterfuge where 
you will find good people to guide you on your quest for love and compassion"
Hind wept silently for many hours before he buried the fragile body of the elven
girl. He planted beautiful flowers on the grave and went to sleep on top of it.

Hind slept for two whole day, and when he woke up he noticed to his amazement
that all his wounds had healed and that all the cold and dark feelings inside
him had been swept away.
Then and there he swore on the grave of the little elven girl that he would
dedicate his life to the fight against evil in all its forms.
Hind now began his journey to find the city of Subterfuge as the elven maiden 
had told him. He wandered aimlessly around on the island of Pendor for a long 
time before he heard that he had to cross the ocean to get anywhere. He swam to 
the island of Gont where he learned the way to the large city of Midgaard. 
Surely, someone there would tell him how to get to Subterfuge. After a long and 
exhausting  journey, Hind reached the city of Midgaard where he rested for a 
long time before  heading for his final destination. While in Midgaard he sat 
beside the wise and ancient Storyteller and learned many things about the world.
He understood how much evil there really was, and though this was quite 
overwhelming, he became only more determined to rid the world of darkness and 

Finally he travelled to the city of Subterfuge, and found druids, elves and men 
that tought him about the beauty and value of love, compassion, nature and the 
arts of healing and white magic. One day he met Freyr, a clerical man that had 
learned all there was to learn about the art of healing. Freyr was a peaceful 
man who did not want to cause damage to any living creature, but after hearing 
Hind's story he decided to assist him in his fight against evil the only way he
knew how: Healing. From that day, the two men traveled all around the world 
looking for evil. Hind was fighting, using his intimate knowledge of the evil 
mind in the struggle against the forces of darkness. Freyr was providing 
invaluable support by using his spell-casting skills to the best of his ability.
On very rare occations they met an evil foe so powerful that they had had to 
retreat and heal their wounds and shattered pride, only to return at a later 
time with a larger group of brave adventurers to slay the mighty beast.
As time went by, they both grew older, gaining more knowledge and skill. Soon 
there was almost no evil beast that could feel safe from the might of their 
combined force.

However, on one occation Hind had returned to the island of Pendor with his 
friend to slay the Olaangis, Hind's evil mentor of the days that still made him
weep in his dreams.
Even though Hind had become a seasoned warrior of the realm, the Olaangis was 
still too powerful for him to kill alone. Not even with the help of Freyr's 
healing powers could he destroy the fierce Olaangis. So Hind fled the tower once
again, but this time he did not give up. He summoned a large group of 
adventurers, and together they managed to destroy the fabled Olaangis. Finally 
Hind had his revenge!
Hind was eventually awarded for his bravery and pure spirit. He was appointed a
Lord in the realm of Nilgiri, and decided to work not only to rid the world of
evil, but also to work for improving life for all men in the realm.
Lord Hind decided to settle down, and built a manor close to the city of 
Midgaard. He spent much of his time sharing his knowledge with the inexperienced
young boys and girls of Midgaard, telling them stories of his battles and 
discoveries. He tried to convince them to choose the road that leads to love and
compassion, not the easier road that will only serve ones immediate cravings, 
the road that eventually must lead to darkness and despair.
Sadly, not all were willing to listen to him, and so the evil forces in the 
world recruited new souls for its dark cause.
But Lord Hind refused to give up his fight, because he knew only too well how 
much grief and suffering the dark forces caused.

Not very long ago, Lord Hind was summoned by the god Natedog, who welcomed Hind
into the ranks of the Godetan-clan. Hind was awestruck by this, as he concidered
it to be the greatest honour of all. He had been found worthy to join the
mightiest clan in the realm. Now started yet another era in the life of Lord
Hind, and in the company of him fellow clansmen he explored the far reaches of
the realm. Lord Hind became even wiser and stronger than before, and soon he
recieved yet another great honor: He was appointed Duke of Nilgiri.
Duke Hind has become a man of not only the sword, but also a man of knowledge.
He wants only love and lasting peace for mankind, but realizes that some men 
must give the ultimate sacrifice to reach that goal. He knows that he must be 
one of those men, because he can never forget the oath he swore at the grave of
the little elven girl that saved his souls from darkness so long ago.
So ends the saga of Duke Hind, the stainless knight of steel . . .

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