by Koaru

Karou is a relatively small woman who looks remarkably young with
her slim frame and long black hair pulled back in a blue ribbon;
however, her daring blue eyes reveal knowledge and struggle of 
many years.  Although she is most comfortable in a kimono, her
normal attire has become well worm armor mixed with various
objects of magic.  While she often wears a shy, yet sly smile,
she does have the temper that is common to one who wields large 
amounts of mana.  Here is a glimpse into her story, her moments.
Kaoru is a person who defines her life, experience, and 
personality through moments.  Her memories are held through the 
thought of the moment that lead her to the critical points in 
her life.  To understand Kaoru, you must begin with her moments . . .
That first momement occured when a small, chubby little girl 
wielding a stick like a wooden practice sword peered in the 
Dojo of her father's dojo and began learning the family legacy.
From that momement Kaoru became a fighter and later would become
a master of the family fighting technique of Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu.
As she followed the path set by the wondering eyes of a child,
she learned the philosophy of Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu which would 
become the background of her personality.  Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu 
is a fighting style that instructs the fighter in defense and
disabling an enemy.  It requires that the fighter never use 
anything but blunt disabling weapons; however, it instructs the
fighter to use those weapons to the fullest extent of the
figher's power, including using whatever weapons possible.

As Kaoru grew up and the chubby child transformed into a young woman,
her stick was exchanged for a bamboo practice sword, and the charm of
Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu changed from just the family tradition to a 
question of how to apply that tradition.  She had many soul searching
conversations with her father in the dojo.  In the end his struggles 
with power hungry students and powerful rich parents left Kaoru with
a feeling of a clear division between good and evil; her father 
always remained true to his philosophy and did not give into the 
demands of those parents and students.  Good and evil were black and
white, and as her father demonstrated it was an easy and clear line
to draw.  She determined that she would be the justice between good
and evil, dividing them with the slap of her bamboo training sword.
Kaoru's father tried to explain to his daughter that there would be
greys in life, but he died dreading the moment her innocence would 
Kaoru inhereted the family dojo along with the mastery of Kamiya
Kasshin Ryuu.  She trained a modest number of justice oriented
students making enough to survive and keep up the family dojo.
Before she could ever prepare the next shattering momemnt of her
life came.  This time the encounter occured with suprised young
woman, who followed the movements of a valient Ruroni.  Kaoru
encountered a man who defended the weak and seemed to be the epitome
of good.  Since he was a wanderer of sorts, she offered him a place
to stay.  He became her trusted friend, companion in arms, fighter
of justice, and much more.  Kaoru was in love.  Not only was the
mysterious samurai on the side of good, but he even wielded a
sword without a killing blade.  Unfortunately, that encounter lead
to the destruction of Kaoru's innocence.  For one day duty called
her wandering Ruroni back to his path, and that night Kaoru learned
about good and evil and the greys between them.

On a moonlit night of May 14, Meiji 11 as fireflys danced about
them, Kaoru's samurai explained a past filled with evil that
had almost destroyed him.  She could not believe that her
powerful, stong justice fighter was evil.  Then he grabbed her
in one last embrace and told her that duty calling him back was
also likely to bring back the past and the evil.  He then turned
and walked away.
In that moment Kaoru's world shattered, and she prayed for an
escape.  Her innocence could not comprehend that her samurai had
been evil, and worse that as a part of his duty, he would return
to that evil.
That moment took Kaoru from her world and left her in Nilgiri.
Although only 19, when she was transplanted into her new world,
Kaoru was no longer the innocent, and her once cheerful blue eyes
now hardened to the world, taking in only the reality and ignoring
the people and emotions around her.  Suprisingly, Kaoru took
to the new world, even finding an ideology and lifestyle of sorts
that fit into her mastery of Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu.  She became
a cleric, one of the lesser followed traditions of the world at
that time.  She then wielded her chosen weapon of that world, a
staff and trusted only in the justice of the fight.  She determined
that justice was a fair fight, separating the just and the unjust
by the winners and losers.
Kaoru's adventures in the new world began fighting simpler
creatures.  She often journeyed to an old keep that was prone
to being invaded by rats.  One of her journey's to that keep 
taught her a new form of justice to her fight, when she attacked
a rat who wielded magic.  His justice was one of retrieving
an attacker who flees, and although she was not the loser of
this justice, she learned that fate has a way of granting its
own justice.

Kaoru during her journey's began to trust in this justice of
fate, and so when one day a new spell offered her a new insight
she trusted fate.  Not long after learning a spell that granted
her the ability to see aura's, Kaoru encounter a warrior with
a blue (good) aura that matched her own, and although the bawdy,
loud Nuriko was a sharp contrast to the quite cleric, they made
quite a team.  Also, Kaoru finally began to trust.
Suddenly the world was simple again with good and evil determined
by the blue and red of individuals auras.  Or, so Kaoru thought.
But the bawdy, rough-housing, flirtasious warrior granted Kaoru
not only friendship, but a lesson long needed and a moment long
The duo did large amounts of damage to a nest of spiders and a
den of flinds, and even took out that rat with magic, who Kaoru
was embarassed to discover just how easily he fell.  On one of
their typical journeys they encountered a tall powerful warrior
with long silver hair.  Nuriko, being her typical flirtasious
self, startled Kaoru by walking right up to the warrior and
beginning a conversation.  Kaoru remained wary of the warrior
who sported a bright red aura and even warned Nuriko.  Nuriko
just laughed it off and introduced Kaoru to Sephiroth.
Much to Kaoru's concern, Nuriko and Sephiroth were two of a
kind in their senses of humor and battle rage.  The two became
friends quickly, and the duo added a third to some of their
hunting sprees.  Kaoru struggled to understand Nuriko's blantant
ingnoring of such a bright line as Sephiroth's red aura, but
she didn't want to fight with her friend.  So, Kaoru gave into
the inevideble and joined in the two bawdy warriors friendship.
In fact, Kaoru often was the but of jokes about Sephiroth
borrowing Nuriko's cleric, but she learned to hold her own
against the tall warrior.  She even laughed and enjoyed herself,
while keeping a cautious eye to the red aura, even when the
person encompassed by that aura was kissing her best friend.

One day Kaoru was disheartened to discover her friend was not
around.  Nuriko seemed to have disappeared, and even with her
wariness about the Sephiroth's red aura, she ended up hunting
with him.  Nuriko left Kaoru with the ability to trust and a
lonely heart, making it easier for her to cling to the evil
Over the years, Sephiroth and Kaoru slipped into their own
niches, and although they remained friends, they both had other
things pulling them apart.  Kaoru discovered a powerful cleric
named Jasper who taught her how to better wield her powers,
while Sephiroth became even more powerful and eventually won
Kaoru, through Jasper's training, caught the eye of a goddess
who had created a clan of clerics that fought for good.  A clan
that perfectly fit into Kaoru's world of red and blues and
justice.  Kaoru became the second member of Chaos, a group of
clerics that would work to better Nilgiri through the powerful
good they wielded for justice.
The world seemed to finally being falling into place for Kaoru
even though she missed her friend.  Then a new friend entered
Kaoru's life.  Kaoru encountered a powerful young cleric named
Tero, and before either of them realized it, they had become
a powerful duo and close friends.  In Tero, Kaoru found a
hunting partner, confidant, and cleric match.  Together they 
mastered the powers of clerics, and soon Tero joined Kaoru 
in Chaos.  Together Tero and Kaoru cleaned up a great deal
of the world by wiping out swarms of evil.  They were a
wonderful duo, and Kaoru owes much of her sucess to their

About this same time, Kaoru's power and entry into Chaos had
lead to more encounters with immortals, and she rediscovered
Sephiroth in the form a powerful god.  Old habits had long
ago died and Kaoru was used to seeing this friend swathed in
a red aura.  Sephiroth and Kaoru renued their friendship and
once again began spending time together.  Kaoru was overjoyed
and felt more than comfortable in Sephiroth's presence.  They
would talk for hours about occurences through out the land
and every aspect of their lives.  For Kaoru the relationship
offered a solace of comfort that she had not known since 
Finally comfortable in her power, Kaoru was named noble, and
suddenly became more aware of occurences in the realm. With
the outstanding and just standards of Tero and Mandessa in 
her view regularly Kaoru began to notice many of the
injustices of the realm.  She noticed that while true clerics
were a valuable part of a group, a number of warriors were
now shadowed by vague zombie like clerics that seemed to have
lost their humanity.  These clerics were no-longer
individuals, but instead, simply followed the orders of their
warriors asserting no independence.  Because of this Kaoru
noticed that often clerics (and also other magic users)
were ignored or taken for granted as a part of groups, not
receiving the same compensation as other party members.  Kaoru
also noticed that individuals without name recognition also
contributed to party's but were also often ignored.  These
and many other injustices she witnessed disturbed Kaoru.
As a noble and a member of Chaos, she felt a responsibility
to establish justice in these areas; however, she did not
know how to combat these injustices with her staff.

Kaoru turned to the only other method she knew.  She lifted
her pen and voice to Nilgirians, trying to point out
injustice and encourage changes; however, throughout this
process, and her years of fighting for justice in
Nilgiri, Kaoru had practiced on injustice she would soon
It helped Kaoru to be able to discuss these injustices with
others,  who felt similar to her.  Tero, other members of
Chaos, other nobles, and many others expressed struggles
with injustice of the world.  But one voice stood out with
surprise, although she shouldn't have been surprised she
realized later.
Kaoru noticed that Sephiroth, even with his red aura, 
practiced a strict standard of justice that was paralleled
to that of herself, Tero, Mandessa, and even the long 
gone Nuriko.  Finally Kaoru understood the lesson Nuriko
had left for her, and what her father had tried to teach her.
Kaoru thought of the tall silver haired warrior and
understood that the world and its justice were not simple.  
In that moment Kaoru learned the lesson her samurai had known
and that Nuriko had left for her to learn.  Kaoru learned
that the world can not be defined in reds and blues, goods
and evils.  She learned that what was important to her was
justice, and that Sephiroth was more just than many of
blue aura-ed indivduals walking around.  Although they would
always be blue and red, good and evil, she knew from their
conversations that they would also always agree on justice
and injustice.  At first glance their loyalties and
auras might seem to leave on opposite ends of reality, but
for Kaoru in everything that mattered they were and are
the same.  Her only hope was that Sephiroth would return
her feelings.  You see, Nuriko may have flirted with
Sephiroth, but Kaoru loved him.

Kaoru happily awaits marriage to Sephiroth.  She knows
that like many others, she is imperfect and that her 
justice will always be far from perfect; however, She will
continue to fight for justice, whether on the battlefield
with staff and magic, or in the Nilgirian politics with her
voice and pen.

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