Water Dragon is Dead
by Hind

One fine winter day, Duke Hind and Duke Glowboy decided it was about time to
take on one of the most dreaded creatures in the realm of Nilgiri, the Huge
Waterdragon.  After hearing their plans, the brave fighting maiden Cyrix also
offered her assistance, and so the adventure began...

After some necessary preparation before the big brawl they all ventured into Bifrost along with their ever-present cleric friends. After some warming up against the Ice Giant Sentries and Water serpents that sadly cost the life of Crashboy, they stood before the Cavern of Water, the lair of the Waterdragon.

Duke Hind charged inside and his fellow warriors followed. The Waterdragon let out a horrifying roar and attacked Hind with all its furious power! Duke Hind was caught by surprise by the rage, and he almost died in the very first round of the battle, but just before it was to late, he quaffed two periwinkle potions, and stood his ground as the two other warriors also attacked the beast. Looking up on the monstrously huge dragon, Hind could see that it was in fact wielding the legendary Holy Avenger, and he understood why the dragon was so immensly powerful this day.

Hind was determined to slay the dragon and wield the sword, because such a feat had not been accomplished in many years, and even then, it had been done by a large group of powerful warriors.

So, he got out all his healing potions and started quaffing them as fast as he knew how, but even that would not have been enough if it hadn't been for the strenght and damage-dealing provided by Duke Glowboy and Cyrix, and the healing powers of Crashboy and Althena, who both couragegeously stood their ground untill the dragons spells and fiery breath extinguished their lifes. By then, the dragon had been weakened so much, that the three warriors thought they would actually manage to kill it, but the waterdragon was a proud and very brave protector of the precious sword to the very end....

When it had fought for a long time it understood that survival was not a feasible option, and so it took the final plunge into the bottomless waterfall and its own doom, clinging onto the powerful weapon hoping that it could deny anyone from getting hold of it that way.

And at first, that certainly seemed like a good tactic, but Duke Hind refused to let the Holy Avenger slip out of his reach now that he was so close, so he jumped into the abyss after the mighty dragon taking his fellow warriors with him.

However, the Bottomless Waterfall was such a nightmareish place that both Hind and his fellow warriors flew in horror at once. Luckily, there was still hope, because Freyr was standing outside the dragons lair and summoned Hind back. Once again, Hind took the leap into the Bottomless Waterfall, and this time he managed both to kill the dragon and to grab the Holy Avenger before he was forced to retreat from the abyss.

Thanks a million to my two fellow warriors Duke Glowboy and Cyrix and their trusty sidekicks for making this possible! *bows deeply* :)

Regards, Duke Hind

PS. Anyone still having doubts about what clan rules?

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