Story of My Life
by Intend

   He stalked his prey carefully, but had far less patience and fear than
smarts and ego. The militia soldier was talking with a fellow soldier, laughing
and possibly making light of another man in the militia. His friend turned away
out of the wind to light his pipe, as he did he heard some wet squishy noises
followed by a sickening gurgle. He turned back in time to see his friend
collapse and take his last breath, a bloody mess.

   The soldier dropped his pipe in astonishment and very suddenly felt a sharp
object drive deeply into his back! He painfully drew his sword and took two
slashes. The first found only air, but the second was met with steel which
drove his sword away then more pain as a dagger was driven into his stomach!

   His assailant stepped back to a crouch with a smirk as the soldier staggered
backwards in pain, blood flowing freely from his wounds. He gave out a great
battle cry and charged towards his attacker screaming, "MURDERER! JUSTICE WILL
BE SERVED!! ARGARRAAHHHH!!!" Unfortunately the man was much quicker, avoiding
the soldier's attack and slashing him cleanly across his chest. He then spun
and sliced fiercely relieving the militia soldier of his head. The corpse
collapsed lifelessly to the ground as the head bounced and rolled away. An
opportunistic stray dog approched for a free meal and the thief moved on.

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