DikuMUD Nilgiri, the Forgotten World
by Jazmin

I have been playing Nilgiri for almost three years. I don't pretend to
know everything about it, nor do I expect everyone to agree with me on
what I have to say. But as my opinion, here goes ;)

There is a very tight knit community at Nilgiri. Almost everyone knows
each other which is fantastic when you need help, advice or just a chat.  
However I can see that it would be difficult for newbies to become
actively involved. Newbie-helping does still remain so never fear! A lot
of our higher level players get just as much out of helping newbies as
they do from levelling (I hope!) Most of the players there are friendly
and helpful, many are powerful. Many use this to their advantage in
getting what they want; some do not. What does remain is that if you turn
to the right people, you will get the help you need.

As for player-killing, it is a pk MUD. Most of the players on Nilgiri do
not like player-killing. We have guards and deputies and militia to help
cope with this. However... if you are not careful... As a general rule it
is nice that there is the option to pk if the player deems it neccesary
to do so. Others who do not condone pk often take the law into their own
hands in dealing with the more... "unsavoury" characters. I never have
been killed by a PC therefore I have never seen a problem with the pk
laws of Nilgiri.

The areas and rooms are wonderful! We have much to thank our builders for
as they have done wonderful jobs over the years. I especially liked the
umm... how shall I put this... genetically challenged nurse in one of our
main cities; Catharsis. However it got changed which *was* a pity ;) I
personally love the way that things aren't always what they seem; If you
take the time to pay attention to the room descripts you may find things
you weren't expecting. It is always worth a search. However it is all too
easy to use Mages and Clerics etc. to zip around the world and summon
less "intellectual" classes. This doesn't really promote exploration in
the traditional sense.

The size of Nilgiri is amazing. There is always something new to find and
the areas are constantly being reviewed. It is still growing too with no
plans on stopping its growth. This in itself is a great achievement and
keeps the Nilgirians on their toes... Especially when they die to that
dragon they could solo last week!! (That's just me being mean now!)

We have three major clans at the moment. Godetan under Natedog, Masamune
under Sephiroth and Friendly under Sin. All are unique in their own sense
and all equally as proud. Currently all seems to be well at the moment
with no obvious threat of a clan war... but who knows... things change -
let's just hope there isn't! It spices things up but it is hell when you
try to pick up the pieces! I also hear there is a... less "public"  
clan... but hey... those may just be rumours ;)

The nobility of Nilgiri has recently changed hands with a new Duke
(Snoop) as secretary. I personally am hoping to make the nobility more
active on the MUD as they seem to be kind of bored... They are there to
vote for proposals made and to communicate ideas but it just isn't
happening. This needs to be changed somehow, but time will tell what will
happen there ;)

What next? Ahh! The immortals!! We are all great! We are fantastic! Haha!  
Nah - we have our faults as much as the next person, however much we try
to deny it at times ;D I won't name names, but they are a very good group
of people who enjoy what they do. There are two types of immortal, the
builders and the social immortals. The builders tend to be quite quiet,
but they have their loud and insane moments which is always worth a laugh
at. As for the social imms... well, we're always mad and crazy; loud and

There is probably a ton of stuff I missed out. I could go on about all
the areas I love and about individual mobs and players that make it the
place it is forever. But it really is worth checking out if you haven't
had a look in - whether it is to your taste is a personal matter. But I
like it ;)

P.S - all that stuff about immortals being great? Leave me out of it - I
don't want to sound big-headed ;p

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