This is the Story of Pandora the Wicked Bitch
by Pandora

   Being an outlaw ain't easy... makes you do things you don't wanna do. I am a
murderer, thief and a liar. God willing, I will be able to redeem myself
someday, somehow...

   It was after midnight when they came upon us, we musta looked like a strange
couple; drunk of our asses in the common square. I heard their footsteps and
knew them well, it was the patrolsmen. They were so close even Beowulf could
hear em.

   Its strange for someone like him to befreind a person like me, but he is my
oldest companion.

   My memory of what happened earlier that night is fuzzy... a few tankards of
ale will do it everytime. After looking at my hands and seeing the blood it
bacame all to clear... I had killed a man, maybe a boy, or shit maybe a woman.
Hell I dont know, all I heard was the mumblings of a magus off in a dark corner
and the footsteps.

   I realized at that moment I didn't fear death. I was about to die and I
figure the world has enough people like me in it.

Then the lights went out..

I woke up in a temple of some sort. It seemed familar, so I must have seen it
before. It was definitly Godetan in design, although I had never been this far
into the temple. I could feel the eyes of the Gods upon me. It's scary shit for
someone with no soul...

   As I searched the room I noticed Beowulf across from me. He was silent and
looked a little drunk, which was normal. I can't think of a time I had seen him
any other way.

   I yelled out to my kidnappers, "why have you taken us?!"

   A soothing voiced replyed, "all sins can be washed away if one has faith."

   Another lower tone echoed, "we are the Godetan Knights and we are here to
save your soul."

   I replied, "I have no soul, what do you want from me?!"

   For the first time, one of them stepped forward outta the shadows and
without moving his lips told me that everyone has a soul. It is up to the
individual to decide whether it is used for good or evil.

   For the first time in my life I felt at ease. I no longer felt the blood on
my hands.

   Beowulf stood still with a solemn slightly less drunk appearance.

   I asked them what I had to do to make things right.

   Another voice interjected, "have faith in the Gods and they will 
lighten the darkness."

   At that moment I vowed to never repeat the actions of my past. I will not
murder, lie or steal. Henceforth I will be forever loyal to the Gods above. My
blade is theirs to command. My will is theirs to mold. I will bear alliengence
to my comrades and will live or die by the Gods.

So starts the newest chapter in the life of Pandora the Wicked Bitch.

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