by Zephyr

I glanced through the clouds from the heavens, peering at the mortals below,
watching, as they toil around in their daily business.  Eagerly I sat on my
throne of polished jade, biding my time.  And I heard a quiet calling, someone
beckoning me, praying.  Could this be?  A mere mortal praying to the malevolent
god?  Such things were banished long ago.  I descended from my throne and
towards the mortal soil.  Folding my large black wings, putting out the glowing
aura that radiates about me like a curse.  I fit in quite well with those who
walked amongst Jora and all her riches that she hold.  I stared at the young
man, clad in a full suit of lightweight armor, peering at him through the
shadows.  He sat there in a crouched position, defensive, as if he were hiding.

I quietly spoke to him, 'What is it you desire?'

The man, bewildered, as if caught off guard, glanced around himself nervously,
his dagger shaking in his hands.  He replied hesitantly, 'I am seeking the one
who was fabled long ago, the one they call Zephyr.'

I revealed myself to him from the shadows and stood before him, smiling, bearing
my sharp fangs.  He stood up quickly and stared at me in awe.  I pondered if he
in fact knew who I was.  Softly I whispered again, 'What is it you desire?'

He cleared his throat and said, 'I wish to have protection, in sorts.  I wish to
be with allied with my brethern, to prospure, to vanquish those of great power
 that pollute the land with their fascist ways.'

My slender hand covered my mouth as I chuckled, my eyes blinking slowly.  'I can
grant such things.'  I replied, my laughter dulling into silence, a twisted
smile creeping upon my lips.  I gestured slowly with my hand and continued
speaking, the mortal man, standing more rigid, still eyeing around himself.  'I
shall band you together, those you seek.  I will give you the power that you
yearn for.  Although, I will not give you a house to dwell in.  Your coven, will
need to find sanctuary by your own means.'

The man nodded slowly, not exactly sure what to say.  I pulled from under my
shroud and held in my hand a small pentagram made of precious metal forged in
the heavens and imbued with immortal power.  It dangled from it's chain as the
amulet slid between my fingers.  The man, hypnotized by the pulsing aura that
glowed from the demonic symbol, stood there, jaw hanging low.  'This I shall
bestow upon you, and to whoever else I see fit.  Wear upon your neck this
pentagram and you shall have what you surely desire.  Become my minion, recruit
the others.  Join my side and I shall lead you.'  I said in a low and raspy

The man took the pentagram hastily and slung it around his neck. 
Instantaneously, his muscles bulged, a dark gray aura illuminated his body, the
irises in his eyes changing to crimson.  He grinned evilly and nodded.  'Thank
you my goddess, you shall not be let down.'

I laughed chaotically, amused at my creation that stood before me.  'Go now and
seek what it is you've been longing for.  Come to me in only times of desperate

With that he nodded, cloaking himself and stowed away towards the city.  I
spread my massive wings and ascended towards the heavens, back to my throne to
watch and wait, to see what lie ahead.

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