Nilgiri None Sense Story
by Haruon

Har har! your on! laughed the man.

There once was a man who lived in Midgaard, one day, he was out west to pick
some flowers, the mayor of the city went by and asked him, "you wanna drive my
car, son?"

So the man drove the mayor's car went out and headed towards Catharsis, and on
his way, he picked up a little girl so they started chatting. "Hey mister,
what kind of music do you like?" asked the girl.

"Jazz! man iazz is da best!"

On their way there they met a boy who glows (its a fantasy game whata ya
expect?) called John.

"Maty what the heck are you doing in funeral dress?"

"Oh my friend just died, you wanna come?"

"Okey I'm with ya!"

So off they went towards the Azure Forest.

"Oh shoot! Jack! naaaaaaaaaaawww!"

They cried and moaned  the whole day, it wasn't such a sunny day anymore!

"Look behind you!" yelled the man! (the same one who went out to pick flowers)
the snooping thief ran really fast, but at the end, he got shot by the snipers.

It was all a sad day, so John offered them some drinks, "hey, you guys want
some poppup? (juice) naaaaaaah..."

now that people are dying, we must go find the sage!

But aparrently, the sage was preparing for an exhibit about racing.

"Ready! Set gooooo!"

The runners ran across the tracks of north road but unfortunately, most of them
fell into the thorns made out of silver.  The winner of the race got free rum.

The End!

(Try find ya name in the story hahahaha...)

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