DikuMUD Nilgiri, the Forgotten World
by GlowBoy

I have been playing Nilgiri for almost 6 years now. Nilgiri itself is over
10-12 years old.

Never have i become so immersed in a mud. The code has been so modified
that it feels just so real. I know that I dont know everything about it
but I know enough to say that its the best mud ever.

Its a great game and if youre not too good at it you can learn from
others, and then practice.  There are players of all ages, from children
to much older gamers, and mental skills are wide and varied.

Nilgiri is newbie friendly, although you could find yourself lost with
no-one to help you. This is still pretty unlikely. If you see more players
online, you will get the best advice along with the best treatment from
most of the players. Nobles in our realm are active mortals are always
ready to help newbie with any kind of problems.

Nilgiri has 5 classes and 8 races to choose from, and each one of them
with their own advantages and disadvantages. When you start, you will see
that most of the players are either humans, thieves and clerics. Mages,
the class I call to be the most aggressive since a weak mage with his
spells can prove to be powerful. Druids right now are being modified and
with so much improvement there is no doubt that sooner or later they will
be the best class of all.

Clans... How can I forget the clans? Weve got Friendly, Masamune, Godetan,
Chaos, AoN, Order, Stars and the Red clan. The only mortal clan is the
Red, run by some elite mortals who have been in and out of the mud for the
past 5-6 years. Each clan has its own advantages and each God is updated
with the status of their clan, whether it be wars or upcoming events.

The staff on Nilgiri keeps mostly to themselves although they are
constantly watching for rule violators; they build, add new help files,
update the webpage, add new code and run the mud consistently. Most of the
time, their rulings are fair, but sometimes personal grudges between the
staff and the mortals create long lasting arguments, but again, this is
very rare. The staff also looks out for the best interests of the mud and
look for solutions that will satisfy the greatest lot of the player base.

Nilgiri is a pk mud, no doubt about that. The PK system is original.
Player Killing in mud has become totally unbelievable and theres nothing
to do than to dream about old times when someone actually fought 1 vs. 1.
During clan wars, groups consisting of 4 players and up to 10. You die in
a pk situation simply because you dont have time to flee, or recall, even
if you start out healthy. Clan wars are very rare although there is just
one pk clan which has done some unbelievable damage to most of the mortals
in the realm.

Come join us at Nilgiri, the Forgotten World and see what there is for

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