DikuMUD Nilgiri, the Forgotten World
by Rashka

   To get the basic hoop-la information out of the way.

   There are 5 classes all very unique and powerful in their own ways.
They are the Brave Warriors, the Powerful Magic Users, the Cunning
Thieves, the Mysterious Druids, and the Loyal Clerics.

   Races are one of the newer changes the Gods and Goddesses have added to
make the realm to make it more "interesting." Each race is very desinct to
all the others. They differ in everything from hair color to wieght. And
of course each race has differnt advantages and disadvantages.

   This is a pk mud even though it is frowned upon. So many people have
joined together in clans, loose alliances, and true friendships.

   Now on to the good stuff.

   There is so much to do here, no matter what you feel like. There is
always someone on to just sit and talk to or even go out on a hunt. If
your imagination can come up with it. It has found a home somewhere in
this wide realm. The 3 billy goats who tried to cross the trolls bridge
have even come to call this place home.

   Now I want you to close your eyes (metaphorically) and imagine a
bustling city, filled with the cries of the shop owners peddling their
wares, innkeepers pouring cheer, and city guards keeping the peace. Now
your view expands out, slowly showing more and more of the surrounding
lands. There are vast, lucious green forests, and deep jungles hide many
exotic creatures. Dark foreboding castles and towering mountain ranges
just begining to be conquered. Azure oceans and gurgling rivers ready to
be sailed. Small islands with a unique culture all there own. All with
secret paths and treasures to explore or even ripe to have a brave
adventurer hack and slash his own path. You may even find hidden passages,
long lost to all others.

   The Gods and Goddesses are nearly always around. Creating new lands,
sinking islands, and even toying with the lives of mortal men and women
with their quests and personal pets.

   I will not lie to you and tell you there are always tons of people on
or that there is more people that play here than everquest. People come
and people go. And more often than not they come back again (funny that).
Most of us who play consistently are decent enough people. Ready to lend a
hand to each other when it is needed or even escort a new player around
and show him the ropes. But there are those who love to be the source of
chaos, and destruction. It all adds to the diversity and excitment of the

   Now, in my personal opinion. This is my utopia. This is my home away
from home. I find it very strange the way a mere free online game could
draw people together like it does. Everyone who plays here becomes good
friends. They email each other, talk on intant messangers and even hang
out in real life. Like the theme song for the show cheers, it's where
everyone knows your name.

  I, Lord Rashka of the House of OZ -= Order =-, wish to see you there.
This is your personal invite to at least taste the pleasures of our realm.
Whats the worst that could happen? Enjoy.

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