DikuMUD Nilgiri, the Forgotten World
by Zagarna

My name is Zagarna and I am a high level mortal and I have been playing
this mud for about four years and this is what I have got to say about it:

The strength of the mud is based on how many people play in it. Currently,
there isn't as much people as there used to be, but I still think it is a
fun place to hang around in. I believe that generally, the people in this
mud are quite friendly so most of the time, newbies won't feel so left
out. If you are a newbie and you have a question, feel free to send a tell
to one of the high levels who are online (If you don't know who the high
levels are, anybody with a clan title indicator should know the answer to
a question you are asking). However, try not to get too annoying or else
they might ignore you.

There is a wide variety of people in this mud. Some of them prefer to stay
very quiet while others like to talk a lot. Haruon and Jazmin (for
example) are very social players, so these are the types of people you
might want to ask help from. Other players like buffy Glowboy and Snoop
tend to mind their own business and kill mobs to level. Players like these
don't talk a lot, but they do leave a good trail of corpses :)

There are also clans that you can join once you become strong and
dedicated enough to this mud. There is the Friendly Clan (which
specializes in helping newbies and being friendly), the Godetan Clan (full
of elite warriors), the Order Clan (attempts to bring order), and many
many other clans that you can join. Each clan has their own rules and
members often automatically unite together to form a longlasting
friendship. There are also Nobles in this mud whose purpose is to preserve
the realm.

The most interesting thing to do in this place is probably to explore.
Explore, explore, explore! Don't get discouraged when you die, and
hopefully you will learn from the mistakes you made. However, it is
difficult to find anything else to do after you have explored the whole
realm, maybe except for leveling and waiting for quests.

Quests are run by immortals. Yes, there are immortals in this mud. Their
job is to create areas, socialize and to look for improvements. However,
try not to annoy them too much because they could horrible things to you.

There are also different races and different classes with different skills
that you can select from. Each race and class has their own advantages and
disadvantages, and I'm not too sured whether they are balanced or not.

Well, overall, I think this mud is a very interesting place to hang around
in and I have to admit that it can get very addictive sometimes.
Currently, some people are not playing this mud because the changes are
happening way too fast for them to be able to adapt to (mortals believe
some of the changes are far too unacceptable to them such as exp cap,
marshal law, etc). But being able to adapt so well to change is one of the
few qualities very few mortals possess in this realm.

And yeah, that's it.

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