DikuMUD Nilgiri, the Forgotten World
by Saidge

If you're looking for a nice, relaxing place to get away from the perils
of the world... This is NOT the place to come.

Nilgiri is an aquired taste, you probably wont just fall in love with it
the moment you come. This is a real, living, breathing fantasy realm. It
stands as a world of it's own, with it's own amazing mixture of fantasy,
politics, areas, and people.

A few people here have suggested that that feuds in this realm are rare.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. It's been a while since the last clan
war, and believe me - they're brutal, but someone always seems to be
bickering with someone. A few people roleplay here, but most don't... Most
play simply as themselves - and therein lies some of Nilgiri's charm.
Every emotion, every friendship, every alliance for the good of the realm,
every bitter struggle, every triumphant success is absolutely and
completely real.

I think of the ancient greek mythology when thinking of Nilgiri... only
we've done it all doubled over twice - and then much more. There is almost
always a heated discussion going on in the realm of the gods, and though
very uncommon, firey disputes among us. Like a certain god? Pray to one of
us and you may incur our favour. Incur the wrath of a powerful god and you
shall pay the price... There's a hierarchy among us, and some of us are
nicer than others.

Here, the immortals are not simply the creators of the world, but they're
a large part of the 'game', if you could even call it that.

Further, there are those who have achieved near-superhuman powers. Some
have achieved their incredible strength on their own, while others have
taken advantage of overly-generous gods.

One thing that may trouble newcomers is the killing of human and humanoid
creatures. NPC's are almost treated like cattle by the strong - to some,
almost always the sole purpose of an NPC is to be killed. While many of
our players have no problem with this practice, there is no reason a
player would have any trouble succeeding to greatness in our beloved mud
without killing one human NPC... in fact, all new players default to give
'mercy' to all foes they attack, which will leave the foe stunned - but
not dead.

Anyway, I may have pushed you away too much:) If you read the other
reviews you can see how much these people love this mud. The people are
great and thoughtful and entertaining. Maybe you'll find one day that
Jazmin and I are rambling on in the realm about some crazy thing or
another, or perhaps you'll get a glympse of Herzak's flock of undead
ducks. Perhaps you'll witness the awesome glory that is Glowboy, perhaps
you'll meet the elusive and inhuman Inferno, or maybe even such titans as
Hind or Snoop.

For those who are new, rest assured that there is almost always someone on
ready to lend a hand. Nearly everyone in the realm cherishes the chance to
share their love with a new soul. If you need help then someone will
probably be there to assist you any way that you need. You might even get
a 'walk-thru' tour of the city with one of our elite showing the way and
answering questions.

To conclude, I'd just like to say it again... Those trying to get away
from real life should probably stay away. We've got it all, the good and
the bad, mixed lovingly into an enchanting fantasy world. If you would
like to know more just read the other reviews - each one is a gem. From
Rashka talking about all the funny fantasy things you'll find in the game
(My personal favorite is the leprechaun over the rainbow, but that's just
me;)), to Herzak's nutty interpretation, to Glowboy's insightful
testament, to Jazmin's involving and impressive account. There's so much
here, you'll probably never see it all. It's lush, it's beautiful, it's
spectacular, it's witty and funny, while sometimes it's harsh, painful,
and unforgiving. It's life, real life - but in this world you can cast
spells and use special skills and join guilds and have a whole lot of fun.

I hope to see you there, and I hope you get caught in the amazing web of
possibilities found in Nilgiri.

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