Proper Roleplaying
by Folas

I don't know about anyone else, but for me, roleplaying is one of the best
parts about playing a Mud.  When I come into these lands, I envision going into
an entirely different world at an entirely different time.  I like to
incorporate everything about that world, and try to act and speak as if they
did. Imagine going to a different part of the world, that has never heard
American language, now if we show up to these people and say "Yo, what's sup"
do you think they are going to have any idea of what we're saying?   For me, I
try to roleplay as the lands should be, and I would like to propose an idea of
everyone having to do the same.  Now, I'm not trying to say you have to say
this and you have to say that, but before you say something, just think how
would that sound in these lands.   If two mage's are talking, I would doubt very
much the one mage would say "yeah dog, I hear ya, word."   That is the sort of
stuff that just plain doesn't belong in this realm.  If you want to talk to a
friend in the game about a game or score or something like that use tell, but
talking thru gossip or say should be kept to the roleplay of this realm. I would
like to know how everyone feels about this?  Would you like the idea of Argo
becoming a enforced roleplay land?  I would, but I know not everyone shares the
same passion as I do.  I'm also not talking about strictly enforced as in
penalties, I'm talking about if anyone hears people OOC (out of character) then
they should be warned about it, if it continues, then maybe something should be
done after that..   Is it really that hard to say aye, instead of Yo?  Or yes
m'lord instead of I hear ya dog..   If we actually became a true roleplaying
land, I'm sure it will make this realm even better to be in.

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