What is DikuMUD Nilgiri

DIKU - Datalogisk Institut ved Kibenhavns Universitet (Translated from the Danish: Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagan). The site where the first DikuMUD was created.

MUD - Multi User Dungeon

Nilgiri - Blue mountain range in Southern India. Consequently the name of the machine at U.C. Berkeley where this world, the Forgotten World, was founded.

DikuMUD Nilgiri is a text world based upon the mechanics of the fantasy role playing game D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Although being familiar with D&D may help your mudding skills, it is not necessary. All you need is a lot of imagination, and a sense of adventure.

Basically, like all fantasy roll playing games, DikuMUD Nilgiri tries to imitate life in a world apart from the real world. DikuMUD Nilgiri is essentially a virtual reality. Think of your computer as a tool to getting across into this other world, the Forgotten World. There are no fancy computer graphics to help you though. It's a down-pour of pure text that will aid you in your quest. Quick reading and typing skills are an almost must to develop in order to become an effective denezin.

Niligiri the Forgotten World, much like the real world, contains seas, lakes, mountains, desert, and forests. And in that realm of seas, lakes, mountains, deserts, and forests live the fishes, animals, and birds. But, that is not all that lives in the Forgotten World. There are orcs, kobolds, goblins, wraiths, and other monsters of all sorts and sizes, including the feared dragon. Also populating the Forgotten World of Nilgiri are people.

In the Forgotten World, you are a person. You belong to a city, and to a race. You have a chosen profession, and some equipment to help you settle in your new home town. Your equipment is not great, and neither are your skills. However, you are destined to becoming a great hero to your people, so you must learn new skills quickly, and gain better equipment, but beware the competition. Your primary source of gaining experience is killing other inhabitants. Killing off people of your own kind is generally frowned upon. There are animals, and such that will not give up their life freely, but that is a good place to start in gaining experience. Eventually you'll come across other beings like newts, or goblins. Feel free to kill those as well, and maybe they might have some equipment that you can loot off of their corpse. Keep in mind that great equipment is scarce, and so is gold.

Gods roam the world just like you do. They have a different purpose. Some gods will disguise themselves as mortal beings and interact with the general population. Other gods seem quiet and reserved. Then there are those gods with attitude that abounds with hostility. Whatever the god you may come across, rest assured they are there to make your stay in the Forgotten World of DikuMUD Nilgiri an interesting one.

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