The Wizards of DikuMUD Nilgiri

The Implementors

[IMAGE of Rivin]


Robert Jeremy Bogue
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

[IMAGE of Sin]

Frederick Manligas Nacino coded much of the online creation. He is also responsible for the home page of DikuMUD Nilgiri. He usually gets in over his head. If you find something unfinished on Nilgiri it is probably his.

The Greater Gods

[IMAGE of Mobius]

Charles R. Ragan is primarily responsible for single handedly creating more than half of the original areas on DikuMUD Nilgiri. He also likes to go under the guise of a mere mortal and interact with fellow Nilgirian inhabitants.

[IMAGE of Russ]

Russell Wong is on a constant vigil on DikuMUD Nilgiri. Do not be surprised if you find him idling away his time seeming to do nothing. However, if you have any problems or ideas this is the god to talk to.

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